Academy where SEND pupils do not achieve as well as they should told to improve

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Accrington Academy has been told to improve by Ofsted
Accrington Academy has been told to improve by Ofsted

An academy has been ordered to improve after inspectors found pupils with SEND do not ‘achieve as highly’ as they should.

Ofsted visited Accrington Academy in May and found that there are a number of issues with the delivery of the curriculum, rating them as 'requires improvement'.

The inspection body deemed that the quality of education requires improvement, while the behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and sixth-form provision were all good.

A spokesperson for the academy said: “The inspection took place at the beginning of May and was extremely complimentary about many aspects of the school including its sixth form provision, students’ behaviour and attitudes, leadership and management and students’ personal development, all of which were judged to be good.

"Whilst consistency of teaching does require improvement, this is being very quickly addressed so that all teaching is up to the standard of the very best in the school, which Ofsted was quick to praise in their report."

Inspectors said that some teachers do not use the information that they receive about pupils with SEND to adapt how they deliver the curriculum, meaning these pupils do not achieve as highly as they should.

The inspectors went on to say that the delivery of the curriculums is uneven across subjects, with some teachers not using leaders’ assessment systems effectively to check pupils learning, which Ofsted say hinders pupils from achieving as well as they should.

Pupils at the early stages of learning to read are not sufficiently supported to gain the knowledge they need to read fluently. Inspectors said it is because the implementation of strategies to support these pupils is still in its early stages.

Inspectors did say however that pupils say that their school is a safe place and that they are happy to arrive at the start of the day.

The report reads: “Pupils are positive about the supportive relationships that they forge with adults. They feel that staff will support and care for them.

“Pupils and students are confident that staff will listen to them if they have a problem.

“Pupils behave well during lessons and at social times.

“Students in the sixth form are mature and respectful role models for their younger peers.

“Most pupils and students are confident that staff will challenge any discriminatory language and deal with bullying quickly and effectively.”

Pupils are given opportunities to take part in a range of clubs and extra-curricular activities, with many pupils taking part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.