You absolutely need to see Jennifer Lopez with space buns today

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Photo credit: Alexander Tamargo - Getty Images
Photo credit: Alexander Tamargo - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

If you, like me, make a habit of scrolling through pictures of Jennifer Lopez simply to marvel at the sheer amount of hairstyles she has managed to pull off in the past 18 months, you'll know the woman's not afraid of a statement look.

From Bratz doll hair to unicorn Barbie, aesthetics, messy topknots to head mistress hairstyles, and even a shag, Jen has tried it all.

That said, after going big for her inauguration hair, I was starting to wonder where else there was left to go, bar shaving it off or dying it a pastel colour.

And then, joy of joys, she pulled something really special out of the bag. That's right. She got 90s space buns.

Disclaimer: Jlo has, in fact, already dipped her toe in the world of the double-bun hairstyles. Remember that time she opted for those tightly-knotted, wet-look buns paired with gorgeously groomed baby hairs?

But this time calls for a separate celebration, due mostly to the fact they're so goddamn 90s and adorable. This time she swapped out texture for shine and neatness, and the set baby hairs have been replaced by thick strands, pinned to the side with matching clips. It's not only the ultimate throwback look, it's the perfect way to showcase glossy, chunky highlights like the ones Jlo is sporting.

Paired with hoops, an oversized crisp white shirt and comfy sneaks, and wham-bam, she's the coolest person I've ever seen sit on hood of a taxi, that's for sure.

Photo credit: Jlo - Instagram
Photo credit: Jlo - Instagram
Photo credit: Jennifer Lopez - Instagram
Photo credit: Jennifer Lopez - Instagram

Is there anything this woman can't pull off?

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