The Absolute Best Type Of Booze To Mix Into Pastry Dough

Hands rolling out pastry dough
Hands rolling out pastry dough - Theverest/Getty Images

You probably know that alcohol is sometimes used in cooking but what you may not be aware of is that booze can also be utilized in baking. Specifically, adding liquor to pastry dough can be quite beneficial in ensuring a high-quality end result, whether you're making a pie or another sweet treat. To find out all of the secrets about how to add liquor to pasty dough and why it makes a difference, we spoke with Sarah Fennel, a baker and the founder of Broma Bakery.

First and foremost, Fennel explained that it doesn't matter what type of liquor you add to your dough, as long as it's 80-proof or above. "The amount you put in is not enough to change the flavor of your dough, so you can use whatever you have on hand," she said. In other words, there will be no taste difference between vodka, which is Fennel's usual go-to for baking, or any other liquor.

However, watch out for flavored boozes, such as liqueurs, as they have added sugar in them. Fennel recommended that "a plain 80-proof spirit like vodka, rum, gin, or whiskey is the way to go."

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The Benefits Of Adding Liquor To Pastry Dough

Various liquors in shot glasses on counter
Various liquors in shot glasses on counter - Catlane/Getty Images

Now that we know the best type of alcohol to mix into our pastry dough, you may be wondering why it's even worth it to use up precious booze in a baking endeavor anyway. Well, as it turns out, the liquor can affect the texture of the dough in a positive way.

"Vodka, for example, is made up of 60 percent water and 40 percent alcohol, which means that when it bakes, the alcohol content readily evaporates, leading to a flakier, crispier crust that melts in your mouth," Fennel explained.

Additionally, since the liquor will evaporate in the baking process, it allows you to work with a more liquidy dough — this means it's easier to work with, such as when it comes to rolling out the dough or shaping it for the dessert. If you'd like to try out the method of adding liquor to pastry dough, you can use it to upgrade one of our many pie recipes, such as this classic pecan pie or this delicious lemon blueberry pie.

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