Abandoned bike's new use sees it decorated for Red Nose Day

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The Red Nose Day display <i>(Image: Alison Warner)</i>
The Red Nose Day display (Image: Alison Warner)

A road’s abandoned bike display has wowed passers-by and raised money for Red Nose Day.

After a bicycle was left locked to a Follett Drive road sign in Abbots Langley, residents started decorating it for different occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, and the Platinum Jubilee.

Last week, the bike was surrounded by flowers donated by Sunnyside Rural Trust and a mannequin sporting a wig and red nose.

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Road resident Alison Warner said: “It gives so much pleasure to local people and families driving past. Many stop to take photos and we’ve put a collection tin on the back.”

The display’s collection tin raised £41.16 for Red Nose Day (March 17).

Watford Observer: The Red Nose Day display
Watford Observer: The Red Nose Day display

The Red Nose Day display (Image: Alison Warner)

The bike has been chained to the sign ever since residents noticed someone lying on the ground by it three years ago.

People went to help the person but they were quickly picked up by a car coming around the corner and months went by without anyone coming to collect it.

Resident Kath Stronach came up with the decoration idea and the displays have become so well-known that police use it as a landmark.

Alison added: “It’s quite marvellous really, we’ve all adopted it and are ready to decorate again for the coronation.

“I’m sure the kids are going to do amazing things, it's just a nice community.”