A gherkin pizza has been created and people are losing their minds over it

A gherkin pizza has been created and people are losing their minds over it [Photo: Getty]

Scooch over Hawaiian Gherkin pizzas are here and we’re not sure what to make of them.

Gherkins are literally the dividers of people. While many refuse to bite into their burger until they’re are safely plucked out, others pop the pickles like they’re going out of fashion (pregnant women we’re looking at you!)

Whether you eat them with your fish and chips, or straight out of the jar, the humble gherkin is quite simply the marmite of the vegetable world.

And, now someone has decided to push the pickle boundaries a bit further by creating an entire pizza littered with the green stuff.

QC Pizza pizzeria in Minnesota, have tested the gherkin love, by swapping pepperoni for pickles.

Apparently, culinary creation is based on a local speciality called 'Minnesota sushi' which is pretty much ham and cheese wrapped around a pickle.

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Unsurprisingly, the unique pizza topping has equally delighted and disturbed people in equal measures and since sharing a video showcasing the gastronomic delicacy to social media, it has received hundreds of divisive comments.

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But others were far more open to switching up their pizza topping.

Others pointed out that pickles on pizza isn’t actually a new concept.

“I have been eating pickles on my pepperoni & sausage pizza since 1983. So delicious,” one user wrote on Facebook.

“New? I’ve been eating pickles on pizza since the early 80s,” another agreed.

The gherkin pizza isn’t the first food stuff to divide the Internet. Earlier this month Lidl launched a croissant-roll hybrid, also called the “croll” and people weren’t sure.

Equally as divisive was the Kellogg’s Rice Krispie beer and the hot cross bun burger.

It seems when it comes to food, people like what they like.