911: Lone Star actor Ronen Rubinstein reveals gruesome injury

911: Lone Star actor Ronen Rubinstein is currently in the midst of filming season four of the hit Fox show, but took time out of his busy schedule to share a stark warning with fans.

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Posting a gruesome video of his thumb, with a chunk missing from the tip, the 28-year-old cautioned his followers: "Warning: Mandolins can chop off parts of fingers," suggesting he sustained his injury in the kitchen.

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When he's not busy cooking up a storm, Ronen has been sharing insights into the filming of the next season of 911: Lone Star, delighting fans in the process.

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In one video, he and his co-star Brianna Baker, who plays Nancy Gillian, are in their paramedic costumes while on set, and jokily put their fingers over their lips, with Ronen whispering: "Quiet everybody," while a scene was being filmed.

Ronen also shared two posts of himself in character as TK, including one of himself waving to the camera, in which he revealed it was day one of filming. He captioned the clip: "Day [one] #911LoneStar." In another snap, he took a selfie while wearing a gray T-shirt, and captioned it: "T.K 4.0."


Ronen Rubinstein hurt his thumb while cooking

His fans were thrilled, with one writing: "You finally came back to us! We missed you!" Another person added: "All the bts photos/videos from yall today have me so hyped for s4. Can January come sooner plz." A third person wrote: "CANT WAIT TO HAVE MY TK BACK I HAVE MISSED HIM SO FREAKING MUCH."

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In season three, TK and Carlos finally got engaged - so we can’t wait to see what happens next!


911: Lone Star season four filming is taking place now

Speaking about the exciting news - and confirming that there will be a wedding in season four, showrunner Tim Minear told HELLO! "The manner it happens is very TK, very spur of the moment, but the things that his father said to him and all the stuff he has been through in the last year, and what he and Carlos have been through, I think TK needed to step forward and Carlos needed to step back a little bit.

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