That '90s Show fans spot sweet nod to original series hidden in the set design

that '90s show fans spot hidden set detail
That '90s Show set has a nod to original seriesNetflix

We could not be more obsessed with Netflix's new series That '90s Show and all the nostalgic feels it's giving us. The spin-off series to the original That '70s Show sees the teenage daughter of Eric and Donna, spend the summer of 1995 in Wisconsin alongside her grandparents Kitty and Red, and her new friends.

The 10-part series is full of nostalgic 90s references, especially when it comes to the set design. There's the Bratmobile poster in Gwen's bedroom, along with the shag purple carpet, plastic makeup cases and her fuzzy journal (seriously what's with all the fuzz?).

that '90s show fans spot hidden set detail

But it's not just the 90s references fans of the show are reminiscing about (although we are really into Gwen's bedroom), it's the nod to the original show fans can't stop talking about.

One eagle eyed fan spotted that the original sofas in Kitty and Red's living room have now been moved down to the basement and have become the sofas Leia and her friends use to crash and hang out on. Seriously, how cute and nostalgic is that?

Twitter user @julkes spotted the sofa switch up, tweeting: "Rewatching That '70s Show now after That 90's Show, I've realised that the couches in their living room in That '70s Show have replaced the old ones in the basement in That '90s Show #That70sShow #That90sShow."

The creators of the show have said the sofa move was completely intentional and they thought Kitty would have spent some time redecorating in the 15 year gap. Whilst not making big changes, they thought she would have bought some new furniture and wallpaper, and moved the old pieces down to the basement.

Terry Turner said in a press brief: "We figured Red and Kitty would redecorate, but they would do it with wallpaper, not with major additions."

To replace the sofas in the living room, the set designers tried to search for authentic pieces from the 90s. However, they told House Beautiful it was a little tricky to find as a lot of people still have their furniture from the 1990s.

They eventually found the plaid pink and blue sofa for the living room and matched it with floral cushions. The piece that took them the longest to find was the wooden coffee table in the centre of the room.

that '90s show fans spot hidden set detail

It's nice to see the old sofas got a new home in the basement, but this does beg the question, what happened to the original basement sofas?

I don't think I want to know the answer.

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