This is the 90s hair trend that Jennifer Aniston is still obsessed with

When we think 90s hair + Jennifer Aniston, naturally we think of 'The Rachel' haircut. Then our beauty brains might take us on a tour through her other iconic hair styles of the 90s and 00s, those belonging to Jen and those belonging to Rachel Green. From super slick to beachy waves, from her XL straight locks to the often overlooked bob of 2001; what doesn't spring to mind... is butterfly clips.

But turns out not only was Jen partial to a butterfly clip, she still uses them.

Watching a TikTok about the comeback of the trend, Jen reminisced; "Oh yes I remember butterfly clips," continuing; "I still do that, oh God I still just do everything. I'm sorry, because I live in the nineties."

It's ok Jen, so do we. And if we were the ultimate 90s It Girl, we definitely would.

Watching the tutorial she relatably expressed her use wasn't quite so meticulous, saying; "I didn't take this much beautiful time and look at her focus and concentration."

The hair icon was then treated to a snap of herself in butterfly clips back in the day*, filming Along Came Polly, which also happened to be a rare brunette moment.

*Shout out to the low rise jeans. A trend we're not so keen to welcome back.

She went on to confirm; "I do still use them, but I don't use them for that look." So we know she still has them in her drawer, but would she consider a return to their true and glorious purpose, sitting on top of the head pride of place? Yes, yes she would. She's officially onboard, saying;"Hey, I'm open to bringing anything back."


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