90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' Cleo Shares Major Update On Relationship With Christian

 Cleo in 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days .
Cleo in 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days .

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 6 featured a number of couples who seemed to have promising futures set to follow their respective journeys on the show, but we're often only aware of what goes on during filming. Fortunately, some cast members like to keep fans abreast of what's happening via social media, which is why we now have a major update for Cleo and Christian Allgood. The former popped on Instagram to share a big update on their relationship (or the lack thereof) and what it means going forward.

During the tell-all that followed Before The 90 Days Season 6, Christian and Cleo confirmed they were still together despite the issues encountered throughout the season. Now, however, Cleo has provided another significant update on the current state of things, and confirmed to fans in a recent Instagram post that they've indeed broken up. Here's how she put it:

I know a lot of people want to know and keep asking, but we are no longer together as we could not deal with the complexities of a long-distance relationship while on such a public scale. Please respect our privacy 🖤.

It seems Christian and Cleo were not able to overcome distance being a problem, with him living in the United States while she's over in England. Additionally, the pressure of being in a relationship in such a public way seems to have taken a toll on both. Perhaps by ending it, they're hoping to get a break from being scrutinized by those who watched the journey on TLC and with a Max subscription.

Out of all the featured couples on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 6, Christian and Cleo faced perhaps the most judgment. Viewers had opinions on whether or not the U.S.-born Christian was able to handle the societal pressures of dating the trans woman Cleo, despite his insistence that it wasn't an issue. Christian heard pushback from family when revealing Cleo was trans, but revealed in the tell-all that he eventually brought her along to meet everyone during a visit to the United States.

Even so, there were more issues with Christian and Cleo's relationship. She was exceptionally jealous when he interacted with other women, which seemed to happen a lot throughout Season 6. This included an incident in which Christian invited a random woman to a private Thanksgiving celebration in their shared home, which caused a lot of drama. Despite those on-screen moments, Cleo told fans she still cares for Christian and doesn't want hate sent his way:

Please understand I love him and will always love him, I don’t regret the fact he came into my life, I was hoping we could be a happily ever after, but we have very different personalities and emotional needs, and that was excruciatingly painful for both. This isn’t because we don’t love each other. He will forever be in my heart, we’ve supported each other a lot in this past over a year and a half, I wish him all the best, I will love him forever. Neither of us are perfect, I’m very insecure and codependent. Please don’t send him any hate.

Cleo's update arrived exactly one month after Christian shared on Instagram that they were still together and sipping cocktails in Minnesota. Relationships can end at any time, of course, so perhaps the vibe was already trending in a downward direction when the first update came out.

Cleo and Christian are not the first couple to call it quits after the show. Donell Riley and Violet shocked viewers when they revealed she was coming to the United States to hang out with him after all the drama that went down in Vietnam. Of course, CinemaBlend later reported on what seemed to be solid evidence indicating they're no longer together. Here's hoping that all these break-ups are for the best for the respective former partners, and perhaps in the case of Cleo and Christian, they're happy they were able to split off-camera and keep that turn of events out of the spotlight.

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days Season 6 is available to stream right now on Max, as are past seasons that are equally well worth everyone's time.