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Acknowledge What's Out of Your Control

The first step to getting tough things not to bother you? Acknowledging that some things are just out of your control. It's easy to want to "fix" everything that goes wrong, or to feel guilty if you can't - but you shouldn't feel that way! When you acknowledge what you cannot change, you set yourself free from feeling failure if you don't make those impossible changes.

9 Ways to Not Let Things Get to You So Much - Even During Stressful Times

There's no way to escape the fact that, sometimes, we're going to have to deal with stressful, worrisome things in our lives. In these situations, how do you not let things bother you? We all respond to challenges differently, and what helps one person feel strong and empowered might frustrate another person even more than they already were before. That's why we've rounded up a range of tips on learning to not let the tough stuff bother us as much, so that everyone can hopefully find some advice that works for them! Keep reading to learn more about how to let things roll off your shoulder, and see which ideas click the most for you.


How to Stop Caring What Other People Think About You