9 things guys worry about during sex

Sex is an exciting, intimate and physical union between partners and often brings them closer together – both literally and metaphorically.

However, that doesn’t stop men from worrying about a range of things during sex. We’ve compiled a list of some of the more surprising things they think about.

Do I look good?

There’s no doubt that women are bombarded by images of mostly unattainable perfection in popular culture, but that’s increasingly something facing men too.

Shirtless men in adverts, in TV shows and movies can lead guys to think that if you don’t have a six pack, you don’t look good enough. This is especially unhelpful when you have to unveil your ‘dad bod’ during sex.

But just remember, people come in all shapes and sizes.

Do I smell?

Personal hygiene should be important at all times, but it’s even more important during sex due to the intimate proximity you have with your partner.

A little sweat during sex is quite normal, but poor personal hygiene isn’t nice. You should fix it before it becomes an issue or begins to play on your mind.

If you’re worried, try to politely excuse yourself to the bathroom and have a quick wash before things get too frisky. It won’t kill the mood as much as you think and your partner will be grateful in the long run.

Are they enjoying it?

Some men might admit that they were more selfish in bed when they were younger. The reason was most likely because they were simply overjoyed at getting to do it.

As you get older your attitude changes and you want to make sure your partner is having as much fun as you are. Therefore, men can often worry if they are in fact satisfying their partner.

Making sure your partner is having fun is crucial of course, but remember there are different levels of satisfaction and the more tense you get, the unlikelier it is to happen.

Am I too old?

As men get older, they might start to worry that sex is more of a young person’s game. But as long as you’re healthy, there’s no reason to panic.

In fact, a US study showed that 73% of men between the ages of 57 and 64 still had an active sex life. The same study showed that even men between 75 and 85 were having sex.

Should I talk dirty?

Talking dirty to your partner during sex could make things more passionate and exciting. Equally, it’s not for everyone and it might simply be a little too much and make one of you feel uncomfortable.

If you’ve not been given a steer by your partner already, start slowly and try to find out if it’s a viable option.

Should we change positions?

Anyone that wants to alternate between sexual positions knows that approaching the manoeuvre can be a little awkward.

Thoughts like ‘do they think I’m bored?’, ‘is this too much?’, ‘are they going to like the new position?’, ‘how are we going to move into it?’ can go through a guy’s head when the idea comes up.

Sex is a two-way street, so before you do anything, make sure you’re both aware of any suggested position changes and take it slow so that you both feel safe and comfortable.

Will they laugh at my orgasm face?

Some men might be slightly embarrassed by the face they pull when they climax. But don’t worry, humans are more forgiving than you think.

And remember, if you want this relationship to last, your partner is going to see it endlessly, so don’t fret.

Purely random thoughts

Being in the moment with the person in front of you is what makes sex so great, but people can sometimes get distracted. Thoughts like ‘did I leave the washing on’ or ‘that tile needs grouting’ can pop into your head at any moment.

Take a deep breath, concentrate and you should be back in the room in no time.

Am I hard enough?

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