9 hilarious Christmas tree ornaments made for parents who barely survived 2023

Pressure is mounting as the holidays approach and for some families, the end of the year couldn't come soon enough.

Parents were already fatigued going into 2023, with 41% saying that being a parent is tiring and 29% saying it's stressful all or most of the time, according to insight published by the Pew Research Center in January.

Or maybe you're part of America's growing percentage of childless households, which is approaching 50% in the coming years, per new Census Bureau data on America’s families released last week. Those adults may be reeling from the high cost of living.

There may be plenty of things to worry about, but parents and adults deserve to create some joy around the season. We also deserve to release some stress. Sometimes the best thing to do is pour a glass of spiked eggnog and add some things to your shopping cart, like totally relatable decor.

Check out these hilarious ornaments made for parents who barely survived 2023.

1. I Survived Barbenheimer

2. For Ms. Rachel fans

3. The Say It All ornament

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4. The ornament that's giving up

5. The ornament in denial

6. The positive parenting ornament

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7. The 'maybe it was that bad' ornament

8. The ornament that can only produce a sound

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9. The ornament that isn't hosting this year

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Funny Christmas tree ornaments for parents, adults in 2023