With These 20 Adorable Faux Succulents on Amazon, Who Needs a Green Thumb?

Anvita Reddy

After the heart-wrenching experience of watching my orange tree die slowly in my city apartment, I have sworn off real plants. I have accepted that I am just not ready to be a responsible plant parent. However, I still want to appear like a responsible adult and have some nice pops of greenery in my home, so I've opted for some convincing faux plants.

Succulents have become a major trend and look gorgeous as home decor, so I knew I wanted to place them in my kitchen, on my bookshelf, and work from home setup. Since I knew I'd end up killing any living thing I purchased, I headed to Amazon to find some convincing-looking succulents to spruce up my space and was delighted by the selection.

I've combed through the options so you can shop the best and most real-looking succulents for your home.

- Additional reporting by Sarah Siegel


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