9 Lipstick Shades Our Editors Are Loving This Fall, From Dusty Roses to Deep Browns

Lipstick is to fall as highlighter is to summer. It's not that we don't enjoy a good tinted lip balm or hydrating lipstick during the warmer months, but there's something about cooler temperatures that make us want to bust out moody lip colors and matte finishes.

With fall on the horizon, our editors have begun dusting off their favorite lipsticks - or heading to the nearest beauty retailer to splurge on a new tube - to ensure they're all ready for the new season and the many adventures that await. (Apple picking, anyone?) Having a signature lip color for the fall gives your tried-and-true shades from the summer a rest and gives your look a subtle, fresh update. But with so many different shades of mauve, nude, red, berry, and taupe out there, finding the one can be tricky.

To make the hunt a little easier for you, our editors rounded up their favorite fall lipsticks ahead for you to see and shop - if you see something that piques your interest.

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