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Her Parents Instilled Her With Confidence Her Whole Life

Megan doesn't just credit her mom for influencing her career - she also credits both of her parents for instilling her with so much confidence. "All my life my parents have always told me, 'Oh, Megan, you're so awesome,' or, 'Oh, Megan, you look so good,'" she explained to Allure in September 2019 when asked about her emphasis on body confidence. "They put that confidence in me and they made me feel good about myself. There was nothing that I ever wanted to change about myself."

As a result, she wants to share that same message with her fans. "I feel like all girls should feel like that - super confident about themselves," she continued. "I don't know if nobody told them that they look good as hell when they were growing up. If I've got a voice to tell the ladies they look good and they don't need to change sh*t, then that's what I want to do. I want to make everybody feel like how my parents made me feel."

These 9 Facts About Megan Thee Stallion Prove She Keeps It Realer Than Real

What's wrong with being confident? Absolutely nothing, and Megan Thee Stallion reminds her fans of that every chance she gets. The 24-year-old rapper from Houston took over the airwaves in 2019 by giving everyone a Hot Girl Summer, but she's not quitting just because the weather has cooled down. With her sex- and body-positive lyrics and barely there ensembles, Megan Thee Stallion isn't just a walking sex pot - she's a champion for self-love, and everyone can use more of that in their lives. If you're curious to know more about the bombshell who keeps it realer than real, you'll want to read these fascinating facts about the rising star.


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