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Yozo Modular Wardrobe Portable Dresser

This Yozo Modular Wardrobe Portable Dresser ($45) will make your inner Marie Kondo so excited to start organzing.

9 Dressers You Absolutely Need in Your Home, All From Amazon

A great dresser is a piece of furniture you might think is unnecessary, but once it's yours, you won't be able to live without it. When I moved into my apartment, I was lucky enough to have a decent amount of closet space, but no real place to store folded clothes like t-shirts and pajamas. Getting my dresser was, no exaggeration, the best thing that ever happened to my home. I keep everything in or on top of my dresser, and the extra piece of furniture really ties everything together.

We're big fans of these nine dressers we found on Amazon. They can store just about anything, and they're so useful, you might find yourself wanting to buy a few. The more storage space, the better. Just keep reading to shop our picks!

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