9 Brands Fashion People Are Really Into This Summer

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It's easy to become devoted to specific brands, especially when you know they fit you well, have a quality level that you're happy with, and when much of your shopping takes place online. Sometimes, it can feel like too much hassle to try something new when there's a lengthy returns process lingering over your head. However, by sticking to the same brands day-in, day-out, in doing so, you could be (read: absolutely are) missing out on some genuinely great opportunities.

So, if you're keen to shake up your shopping habits, look no further. This summer, we've noticed that nine brands seem to be dominating the fashion sphere, and while you'll likely have at least heard of some of them, we're willing to bet that they don't feature heavily in your current wardrobe rotation.

On paper, these brands couldn't be more different. For example, you have Australian export Oroton, which specialises in chic, understated tailoring and premium arm candy, sitting alongside the likes of Selkie's dreamy organza-layered princess dresses, which come in a rainbow of pretty hues. Eclectic as the trending brands of summer 2021 may seem, there is one discernible thing that they have in common: the ability to make you fall in love with clothes again.

Scroll below to see the nine brands that are currently dominating summer 2021, then proceed to shop our favourite pieces from each.


Tylynn wears a dress and bag from Oroton.

Monikh wears a dress from Oroton.

Shop Oroton:

Oroton Long Rib Knit Polo (£308)

Oroton Eyelet Belt Dress (£417)

Oroton Elm Small Day Bag in Brandy (£344)


Chloe wears a suit from Aligne.

Francesca wears a dress from Aligne.

Shop Aligne:

Aligne Gathered and Shirred Gingham Check Dress (£75)

Aligne Cotton Oversized Shirt with Pocket Detail (£89)

Aligne Tie-Back Dress in Cosmo Pink (£89)


Thandi wears a dress from Asceno.

Abi wears a shirt from Asceno.

Shop Asceno:

Asceno Ibiza Tie-Halterneck Linen Maxi Dress (£380)

Asceno Prague Short-Sleeved Silk-Twill Shirt (£195)

Asceno Rivello Wide-Leg Organic Linen Trousers (£295)


Alyssa wears a minidress from SIR.

Marianne wears a shirt from SIR.

Shop SIR:

SIR Martine Peplum Linen Top (£198)

SIR Martine Linen Shorts (£198)

SIR Blanche Halterneck Linen Dress (£335)


Fisayo wears a minidress from Kai Collective.

Lauren-Nicole wears a robe from Kai Collective.

Shop Kai Collective:

Kai Collective Babita Dress Green Paint (£80)

Kai Collective Bea Dress Ginger (£120)

Kai Collective Gaia Mini Dress Blue (£120)


Lucy wears a top from SEA.

Charlotte wears a coat from SEA.

Shop SEA:

SEA Ziggy Striped Crochet Top (£500)

SEA Everleigh Tasseled Pintuck Blouse (£315)

SEA Adrienne TIered Broderie Dress (£390)


Nicola wears a dress from Selkie.

Emmanuelle wears a dress from Selkie.

Shop Selkie:

Selkie The Baby Banana Puff Dress (£180)

Selkie The Caviar Puff Dress (£180)

Selkie The Pub Garden French Puff Dress (£225)


Karina wears a dress from Stine Goya.

Grèce wears a pair of trousers from Stine Goya.

Shop Stine Goya:

Stine Goya Jasmine Dress (£196)

Stine Goya Octavia Skirt (£190)

Stine Goya Ferrah Blouse (£190)


Charlotte wears a co-ord from Wray.

Kellie wears a dress from Wray.

Shop Wray:

Wray Long Lounge Set in Spice Check (£136)

Wray Alice Dress in Cloud (£176)

Wray Sport Bikini in Acid Floral (£123)

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