9-1-1: Lone Star's Rafael Silva defends Carlos plot twist after fans complain

9-1-1: Lone Star actor Rafael Silva has opened up about the opening of season four where – and spoiler alert – it was revealed that Carlos has actually been married to Iris – Michelle's missing younger sister.

Fans were somewhat confused by the revelation, with many taking to Twitter to question the decision when there was no mention of a relationship between the pair in season one.

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One person wrote: "Nah i’m sorry be fr for a sec there’s no way the elaborate big secret carlos has kept from tk for THREE YEARS is that he’s married to iris," while another person added: " ANOTHER PLOT HOLE #911LoneStar IF Carlos and Iris got married AFTER he came out, why would Iris already need insurance then? And when Iris was 'presumed' dead for 3 years at the beginning of season 1, isn't the 'marriage' already annulled or smth???"

A third person wrote: "No I'm sorry you're telling me they have been married this whole time and Carlos wasn’t treated as a suspect in Iris’ disappearance???? Her literal husband??? The detective was giving him evidence to help find her???? Like come on."


What did you think of the plot twist?

Opening up about the plot twist, Rafael revealed that it was actually planned since season one, telling EW: "Tim shared that with me when I first started on the show. We didn't have the time or the space to explore that storyline until now, but I've always known it and it justified a lot of who Carlos is, who he wants to be, and why he acts in a certain way. I'm actually quite grateful that I had that little secret."

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He added: "Even in the first episode you get some of that information just through the implication that Carlos and Iris were close. Carlos ended up doing what a lot of young gay people do, trying to conform to what they think is expected of them, and he married his best friend, who was troubled in her own way — although when he married her, there were no signs of her schizophrenia yet."

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