This 81-Year-Old Man's Simple Cooking TikTok Videos Are Incredibly Wholesome

Kelly Allen
Photo credit: @omsteve/TikTok

From Delish

The internet needs more good ol’ wholesome content, and one 81-year-old man on TikTok is here to give us just that. With simple cooking videos he's titled “Cooking with Steve", the TikTok star shows viewers everything from how to make pancakes to pour cereal. And, TBH, it’s literally the purest thing you’ll see all day.

Stephen Austin of Fort Worth, TX, is the man behind the videos posted under the username Old Man Steve, the Daily Mail reported. The retired box office worker posts videos of himself prepping quick and easy meals like sandwiches and eggs in his kitchen with some sweet added commentary (yes, he’s here to remind you to eat your breakfast!). His most popular video has 8.5 million views and is of him baking frozen biscuits.

People are obsessed with him, as they should be. He even receives messages from fans asking for him to be their grandpa (um, sign me up!). His reach extends to Twitter, and there's nothing but love there, too.

“As I have no children or grandkids, this has been such a joy to me and it makes me feel not so alone and loved,” Austin told the paper. My heart! We can never let this man feel alone again!

This isn't his first social media rodeo, though. He was previously on Vine (RIP) and has a YouTube channel. He's certainly not afraid to tackle any platform, and thank goodness for that because we can all pretend he's our collective grandpa now!

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