8 Of The Wildest Christmas Film Fan Theories

8 Of The Wildest Christmas Film Fan Theories

As well as the snacks and Mariah Carey, the best part about the Christmas period has got to be the films. Snuggling down in front of the sofa in some festive pyjamas and tackling the mammoth task of a different Christmas movie every night in December is what we live for.

But from Love Actually to The Holiday and Elf, there are some ~pretty~ wild fan theories about your favourite Christmas films. Whether or not you buy into them, some of these actually feel quite believable. Sort of. But not really.

1. Graham wants to murder Amanda in The Holiday

Despite there being SO many reasons why Graham is the best man ever, one fan theory from Joe.ie would have you believing otherwise. It outlines how Graham (Jude Law) and sister Iris (Kate Winslet) actually devised a plan to steal Amanda's (Cameron Diaz) home and wealth, before killing her - just like he allegedly did to his first wife. Eek.

"Jude Law already murdered his first wife so he could inherit her house. Now he and his sister have used the house swap scheme to get Cameron Diaz into their town while Kate Winslet can investigate and make sure Cameron has enough money and property (and no family/entanglements) to be worth the effort of seducing her and then disposing of her.

"Kate is so overjoyed to see how grand and luxurious Cameron's house is because she knows she and Jude have hit the jackpot. Meanwhile, Jude carefully sets up an 'accidental' meeting and manipulates Cameron to develop a relationship and get his claws into her. Everything that follows is orchestrated to carry out their plot."

2. Daniel is in love with Karen in Love Actually

Now this one we can potentially get on board with. A Twitter user pointed out Daniel (Liam Neeson) who is grieving the death of his wife could actually have feelings for Karen (Emma Thompson), whose marriage is breaking down.

Why? Because not only do they ring each other in their time of need and constantly console one another, but also, when Daniel bumps into Claudia Schiffer at the end of the film, he calls her Karen. KAREN is on his mind, not beautiful and perfect Claudia Schiffer.

*They're not brother and sister by the way - Karen's brother is the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant). They're just very close friends.

the wildest christmas film fan theories
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3. Howard Langston has had a breakdown in Jingle All The Way

Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is on the hunt for the toy of the year, the Turbo-Man, and one Reddit user believes the stress has led him to have a breakdown. Which might explain why he only sees Myron Larabee (played by Sinbad) in his most pressurised moments: because he's a figment of his stressed-out imagination, having lost a grip on reality.

the wildest christmas film fan theories

4. Father Christmas in The Santa Claus went to Hogwarts

The Harry Potter x Christmas crossover we didn't know we needed. One fan noticed similarities between Santa's behaviour and things you might learn at the wizarding school, like using floor powder and apparating to get down chimneys, and using the Obliviate charm to make sure no one sees him in their home.

Pair that with the fact a time-turner is the only way he could get to all the houses on Christmas Eve, and how Elves could be part of the same family as Gringott's goblins.

5. Love Actually's Mia and Rufus are the devil and an angel

Mia (Heike Makatsch) is the Love Actually character we love to hate, but a fan theory suggests she might also be a visual representation of evil - while Rufus (Rowan Atkinson) who works at Harrods is an angel. This is because Mia is always trying to tempt Harry (Alan Rickman) to do bad things, like dark deeds in dark corners, while Rufus tries to give him time to reassess what he's doing and take a moment to think with the slow jewellery packing.

why there won't be an alan rickman tribute in the love actually sequel

6. Kevin from Home Alone is Jigsaw from Saw

Bet that's a movie crossover you didn't see coming. Grantland's fan theory suggests an unlikely connection between the horror film and festive movie, thanks to Kevin McAllister and Jigsaw's similarities.

Firstly, Kevin sets up some impressive and elaborate pranks - which are eerily similar to the tortures from Saw, such as the walking painful things. The 8-year-old is also strangely interested in his neighbour Old Man Marley, who is rumoured to be a serial killer, and Jigsaw and Kevin have similarities in the way they look - white/blond hair, pale skin and similar jaw line. Hmm.

kevin mcallister
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7.Buddy The Elf is a creep

Look away now, Elf fans. A Reddit fan theory goes viral every year, which claims Buddy is not actually as innocent and naive as he makes out. Why? Well, first of all, he excuses himself from watching Jovie in the shower by saying he "didn't know [she] was naked in the shower" - despite the fact he was naked in the shower at the North Pole earlier in the film.

The theory claims he also "brutally injures multiple children on their way home from school" in the snow ball fight, "uses his obsession with syrup to get horribly s**t-faced on the job", and "uses his so-called innocence to verbally abuse a man" in the scenes with "elf" Miles Finch (played by Peter Dinklage).

8. Kevin's uncle is behind the criminal activity in Home Alone

A Crave theory claims Uncle Frank is behind the criminal activity in Home Alone, and wants to make Kevin's life a living hell. Why? He clearly hates his brother Peter's family because he refuses to contribute towards the massive $122 bill for the pizza. He also clearly hates Kevin seeing as he calls him a little jerk, and in a deleted scene, we see how much Frank really hates Kevin, even more than we first thought.

But is it enough to suggest he called his mates Harry and Marv (AKA The Wet Bandits), telling them to go rob the house and to harm Kevin while they're at it if needs be? Probably not.

Consider Christmas films, ruined.

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