8 Virtual Mental Health Resources for the Black Community

Melissa Matthews
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There are many obstacles to finding professional mental health services. There's the cost, your compatibility with the professional, and their availability.

But then there's also the challenge of finding someone who understands you. If you've had difficulty finding a therapist who understands your particular experience with micro-aggressions, prejudice, and racism—well, so do others. In fact, there are several organisations and resources that are born from that very challenge.

The following mental health services are geared toward helping connect the black community with mental health professionals. Here are a few:


Black men are considerably more likely to be diagnosed with ill mental health and are more likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. This is due to racial stigma, cultural barriers and systemic discrimination. By focusing its work around prevention, Mind works with young Black men to avoid them becoming mentally unwell, including work on personal resilience and improved wellbeing. Get in touch with the Equality Improvement team at equality@mind.org.uk.

Heads Together

A mental health initiative fronted by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Heads Together tackles stigma and campaigns to change the conversation on mental health with fundraising for a series of innovative new mental health services. "Heads Together stands with the black community. Today and every day. This is a reminder to all that your mental health matters, and our charity partners are there for you if you need support," Heads Together recently posted on Instagram.

"If you or someone you know is feeling distressed, overwhelmed, anxious or panicked, talking can help. 📲 Text @giveusashoutinsta on 85258 for free and confidential 24/7 support 💻 Visit @themixuk for webchat, group chats, discussions boards and more
📞 Call @calmzone between 17:00 - midnight any day to talk about what you're going through.


Shout is a 24/7 text service in the UK that's available for people when they need immediate support. By texting ‘SHOUT’ to ‘85258’ a Texter will be put in touch with a trained Crisis Volunteer (CV) who will talk to them via text, using trained techniques to help. To find out more about how Shout works, visit Shout's Get Help page.

Black Mental Wellness

The Instagram account posts information about online support sessions and meditation. For example, it recently shared details for an upcoming mental health check in, "What's Good Bro?," led by black licensed therapists.

The Safe Place App

The free resource was created by Jasmin Pierre, mental health advocate, who wanted to help the black community cope with depression and suicide, according to Good Morning America.

"Today, gun violence, micro-aggressions toward black people on their jobs and everyday life, racial profiling, racism and police brutality also play a part in our generational trauma and lack of [focus on] mental health," Pierre explained in her GMA story.

The Safe Place includes information on black mental health statistics, self-care tips, and how racism impacts the mental health of the black community.

Heal Haus

The company has a wellness studio created to be an inclusive and accessible space for everyone, reported Healthyish. Amid COVID-19, Heal Haus brought their yoga, meditation, and workshop online via streaming services. Proceeds from an upcoming meditation session held June 3 will support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Reclaim the Block, and George Floyd's Family, according to the Heal Haus account.

Decolonize Therapy

The account was created by Jennifer Mullan, Psy.D. as a way to push diversity in the mental health profession, so therapists are relatable to the communities in which they serve. Mullan shares thoughts about how racism, poverty, and class effect people's access to mental health services. You'll also find meditation sessions only for black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).

Inclusive Therapists

The community acts as a directory of therapists from different identities, abilities, and bodies. On the website, you can sort through therapists by location, identity, cost, and specialty to find someone you're comfortable talking to.

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