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Know That Prom Is Not the Biggest Night of Your Life

In a way, knowing that the entirety of your teenage experience doesn't depend on a school dance is a huge relief. However, because prom is such an iconic part of the traditional high-school experience, there's still a lot of pressure to "make it count," which people sometimes conflate with having sex. Try not to let it get to you - there will be plenty of other opportunities where having sex will feel just as special and monumental. Don't put unnecessary expectations on the night if you aren't completely ready.

8 Things to Know If You Want to Lose Your Virginity on Prom Night

In the movies, senior prom is always made out to be one of the most magical night of your life, which is a far cry from the sweaty, sequined reality it often turns out to be. But despite all the hype, it's still one of the last major events before high-school graduation, which means the pressure to lose your virginity before college is at an all-time high (which is also a very popular thing to do in the movies). First off, let's face it: prom isn't everything these rom-coms make it out to be, and neither is having sex for the first time. That being said, sex on prom night can still be a really special moment that feels a bit more glamorous than hooking up on your living room couch (in theory). If you're ready to have sex and feel like prom night is the best time, here's everything you need to know.


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