8 quick tips for finding ethical queer porn for when you're in the mood for some spicy solo time

How to find ethically made queer porn
How to find ethically made queer porn

Davey Wavey

We all probably spend too much time watching porn, but do we really know anything about the adult content we’re consuming?

Finding good queer porn made by queer people can be tricky, and it gets even more complicated when you start thinking about whether the spicy films you want to watch were made ethically. When you’re trying to get off, it can be hard to remember that there are people in front of and behind the camera making your next organs possible, and they deserve to be treated well.

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But what is “ethical porn?” It may sound like a buzzword, but it’s a helpful term that refers to adult films that are made following ethical guidelines (like those set forward by the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee). Paying a fair wage, giving performers control over what scenes they perform and the ability to say no without fear of repercussions, a focus on diversity and inclusion, frequent STI testing, and judgment-free condom use for those who want it are all part of making porn ethically. This should be standard on any porn set, but since it’s not, it’s essential to seek out ethical studios and performers so you can enjoy porn with a clear conscience.

Your orgasms are important, but not at the expense of the people creating the spicy content you love. So here are some easy tips and tricks for tracking down ethically-made queer porn.

Figure out what you like before you start researching

Davey Wavey

If you're not sure what kind of queer porn you're into, some stars recommend browsing their free content on OnlyFans or X (formerly Twitter) or checking out sites like Pornhub to get a sense of what you like. Do you like BDSM? Fisting? Degradation? Do you enjoy porn from a feminist perspective? Or spicy films with trans performers? Once you do a little browsing to figure that out, you can start paying for subscriptions or buying or renting videos to support the studios and performers making ethical versions of the queer porn you love.

Use trusted sources

Davey Wavey

Make your search a little easier by relying on trusted sources like PornBetter, a website that researches ethically made porn and catalogs and rates porn studios. You can look through the website and find porn studios and performers that align with your values. That way, you'll know wherever you're spending your money is an ethical company.

Look for diverse porn studios


Ethically-made indie queer porn not only follows ethical guidelines but stars a diverse range of LGBTQ+ adult entertainers. You may have personal preferences around the types of performers you like to watch, but creating films with a diverse range of body types, sexualities, gender identities, racial and ethnic groups, and disabilities is a crucial part of being an ethical, independent porn studio so if you're not seeing that then it might be time to find your porn somewhere else.

Follow adult performers directly

Davey Wavey

Once you've found adult performers whose content you love, start following them on social media to keep track of what they have going on. Many porn stars also have OnlyFans or Fansly accounts you can subscribe to, which is a great way to support performers who make ethical content directly.

Don't be shy, ask a friend!


Okay, so your porn consumption might not be the typical topic of conversation at Sunday brunch with your friends, but maybe it should be! We're all for normalizing sex and desire, plus this way, you can discover new performers and studios and help each other figure out if the porn you're watching is ethically made. It's a win-win!

Check out a porn film festival

Davey Wavey

Attending porn film festivals is a great way to get introduced to new studios, directors, and performers you may have never heard of before. Then, once you're home, you can do a little research — on your own or by looking them up on PornBetter — to see if they follow ethical guidelines.

Pay for what you watch

Davey Wavey

Being an ethical porn consumer isn't just about finding adult entertainment where the performers are treated fairly; it also means paying for what you watch so that everyone gets paid for their work. So, the next time you reach for your phone to enjoy a little solo spicy time, make sure you're watching porn from a streaming service or website you have a subscription to, or you can rent or purchase videos, too.

A handy guide to get you started!


But if you're feeling a little lazy (aren't we all?), then leave the research to us and pick from our curated list of ethically conscious indie porn studios and adult entertainers.

Queer porn studios:

CrashPadSeries.com (An ongoing series of ethically made queer porn films set in a “Crash Pad” in a secret San Francisco apartment)

PinkLabel.TV (A streaming platform that hosts ethically made indie queer porn that features diverse performers)

AORTA Films (Diverse, indie queer porn with an expansive view of what sex can look like)

Himeros.TV (Gay porn that focuses on authenticity and real connections)

altSHIFT Films (Ethically made alternative queer porn)

Ciné Sinclaire (Body positive, feminist, inclusive porn)

QueerPorn.TV (Owned and operated by queer porn star and director Courtney Trouble, this site hosts content made by Trouble and other directors)

Trouble Films (Another platform owned by Courtney Trouble that hosts indie porn films made by queer artists through a feminist lens)

Noel Alejandro (Ethical gay porn director who focuses on making beautifully shot, cinematic pornography)

Queer porn performers:

Courtney Trouble


Jiz Lee

Jaq Quicksilver

Jamal Phoenix

Kayden Grey

Ramses Rodstein

Chelsea Poe

Carnegie Velvet


Jonah Wheeler

Now go take this new found knowledge and enjoy a little one-on-one time!