The 8 Most Obnoxiously Noisy Foods You Can Eat

Photo credit: Jonathan Boulton
Photo credit: Jonathan Boulton

From Delish

We've all been there: You're quietly working or reading a book, minding your own business, when someone nearby pulls out a bag of chips. The rustling of the bag is enough to make you lose your concentration, but the sound of your neighbor chomping … and chomping … and chomping can slowly drive you insane. There's even a name for when sounds of people eating trigger extreme panic and strong anger. It's called misophonia, and whether you legitimately have it or loud chewing just makes you roll your eyes, these foods are the worst offenders.

Corn Nuts

Assuming you don't break a tooth on these rock-hard nuggets, you will no doubt drive everyone around you slowly insane.


First of all, hasn't your dentist told you this is bad for your teeth? Second of all, if you're going to make that much noise, at least do it on something that'll eventually fill you up.


Props on finding a healthy snack, but please, PLEASE, cut that Granny Smith into individual slices instead of gnawing away at the core.

Pita Chips

We're not sure who made the original call that pita chips should have two layers and be over-baked, but we'd like to write them a colorful no-thank you note every time someone grabs a handful to munch on.

Laffy Taffy

Sure, this candy doesn't crunch like the other grub, but have you ever encountered a person who can eat one of these without smacking their tongue against the roof of their mouth at least 50 times?


Slurping broth may be considered acceptable - polite, even - in Japan, but if you're on American turf, you're going to need to learn to suck that down with more restraint.


This go-to breakfast has the distinct honor of causing both loud slurps and noisy chomps.


You would think baby carrots, with that adorable name, would be just as adorable to eat. But the fact that you've got to keep your mouth open as your molars bite like they've never bit before slashes all hopes of that.

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