8 curve influencers share their tips for dressing more confidently

8 curve influencers share their tips for dressing more confidently

For years, fashion royalty has told us how to dress our curvy bodies, with the main message being to hide and flatter our lumps and bumps. Despite the shifts we've witnessed in the industry, many of us still struggle to move past these archaic rules. So if you feel like you've hit a stump in your personal style journey or the new season calls for a little inspiration, we've called on eight curve influencers with immaculate fashion senses to share their tips for dressing confidently.

From Maddie Dragsbaek, who describes her style as the intersection of sex appeal and comfort, to David Fadd's nod to the intersection of street style and comic book culture; these fashionistas are sharing their fashion mantras. You can thank us later!

1. Maddie Dragsbaek

"This year, I want to really play with contrasting styles and embody the idea that 'too much of a good thing can be truly wonderful'. As a plus-size woman, I feel like you're constantly being told to dress quieter, cover up more, and explore less than others. This year, I want to be more, more, more. I'm a maximalist and I wanna have as much fun as humanly possible with fashion.

"Wray is my favourite brand at the minute. At every launch, my mouth is watering over those designs, and I appreciate that they've continued to prove how much they care about their plus-size consumers. Fashion Brand Company is also catching my eye with their more eccentric pieces; they feel like a company that totally understands what I mean when I say I love clothes that sit in the middle of sexy and weird. Reformation, Teddy Fresh, Anthropologie, and Dyspnea are also favourites of mine."

2. Alise Jane

"I love classic silhouettes, sharp lines and tailoring, but I try to add something unexpected with every outfit - usually through accessories and colour. As dressing is a form of self-care, I strive to dress well every day. It boosts my energy and mood.

"I’m a UK size 16-18, and I mostly shop on the high street. COS is my favourite for classic minimal pieces. ZARA for cute tops and jackets, ASOS or Abercrombie for trousers. I always encourage people to try things on because it’s a fun way to discover new styles that you otherwise wouldn’t have worn!"

3. Javiera

"Buy things you like; think about styling later. I’ve avoided getting clothes in the past that may be a little different, and I regret that to this day! If you like it, get it.

"I have been spending lots of time at ASOS for outfits, Skims for the basics, Urban Outfitters and Etsy for accessories - they have me in a chokehold! I also really like Nordstrom as they have many plus size options."

4. Stephanie Yeboah

"If it comes in my size, I'm gonna wear it. I don't care where I find the garment, be it in the maternity, men's, or tall sections; if it fits my fat body, I will wear it.

"At the moment, I've been picking up pieces from smaller, independent brands such as Nobody's Child, Native Youth and Noisy May. Olivia Rubin also has some gorgeous plus size formal and occasion wear."

5. Gess Pugh

"I’m really inspired by the people I come across throughout my day: like the barista at my local coffee shop; or a chic woman crossing the street in the opposite direction. I think that sometimes people assume inspiration lives so far from our reality, but there’s so much beauty and creativity in the commonplace.

"My fashion mantra is don’t be afraid to experiment or 'get things wrong' when discovering your personal style."

6. David Fadd

"I have to say that a lot of my style is recently being inspired by the most iconic superheroes and supervillains, whilst still experimenting with style, shape, colour and encapsulating my identity as a plus-size man.

"I’ve been keeping my eyes on ASOS, BoohooMan, and some more high-end brands for individual pieces. I’m always looking for inclusive labels that cater to plus-size guys and explore current fashion trends."

7. Danielle Vanier

"Whether it’s a minimal or statement look, I always try to include a conversation starter piece. My capsule wardrobe emphasises comfortable, wearable classics with the odd injection of bold trend-lead pieces and pre-loved accessories. This summer, I plan on channelling Tanya McQuoid from The White Lotus. I need a never-ending supply of floaty maxi dresses, oversized shades and perfectly coiffed hair!

The three brands on my radar are: Omi Na Na, a label that makes inclusive, sustainable statement pieces; Mimine AG, a black-owned brand that is the first to stock plus-size luxury wear in UK sizes 12-28 at Selfridges; And finally, Karoline Vitto, a Fashion Week standout that I predict great things from.”

8. Korede Albai

“My mantra is: buy less, choose well. I spent a long time buying trendy pieces that I’ll wear for a season and eventually get tired of and not pick up again. I’m making a conscious effort this year to prioritise quality pieces that are also true to my style.

"I love brands like RIXO, Ganni, Wray NYC, Miaou - they cater to bigger sizes and have some really versatile pieces I can wear both dressed down and up."

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