8 best nose hair trimmers that are really easy to use

Luke Abrahams
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<p>Multi-purpose or a dedicated device: take your pick</p> (iStock/The Independent)

Multi-purpose or a dedicated device: take your pick

(iStock/The Independent)

Let’s face it: a long nose hair isn’t that sexy, is it? As we get older – especially men – hair turns up in places we never thought possible (shoulders?!) and so grooming ourselves takes that extra little bit more time and precision.

Worse still, absolutely no electric shaver, clipper or trusty pair of scissors will be enough to yank this curly imposter out. Only a nose hair trimmer that packs in some proper buzz power will do the trick, which is why we’ve spent a good few weeks testing some of the best on the market right now.

But before you peruse our list, let’s answer some of your key questions.

How do you even use a nose hair trimmer?

Like anything when it comes to new tools, you should learn how to use it properly for safety, and of course, to get the best results. To be frank, trimming your nose is a pretty simple process.

Unwrap the kit, give your nose a squeeze (it brings them all out) and once your trimmer is firmly up there, twist your device to either the left or right to trim the offending hair you can see. Then do the same for the other side of your schnoz. See? Easy.

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Is there such a thing as a multi-use hair trimmer?

Thankfully, yes, but if you are in possession of some seriously unruly ones, we suggest you stick to a nose hair trimmer that’s made to be just that. Saying that, most nose hair trimmers will sort your ears out as well as your brows, and if you decide to blow the cash on a full body-hair trimmer, you’ll get a multitasking piece of tech that comes with all sorts of snazzy attachments (including those suited to your nostrils). Thankfully, our edit of the best out there covers both.

So, now that you’re covered on the basics, sit back, relax and read our review of the best nose hair trimmers available. From Wahl to Manscaped, Philips and Braun, no well-groomed bloke is complete without one of these trusty tools hidden away in their drawers. Happy trimming.

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Wahl precision, ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer

Mark our words: this is going to be your new favourite gadget. Wahl understands hair: it’s embedded in the roots and follicles of its brand. The precision finisher just doesn’t remove hair, it eradicates the stuff Daenerys Targaryen-style. Totally pain-free, it removes nose (and ear) hair with little effort, while its super-nifty eyebrow trimmer complete with plastic comb guard keeps brows and beards looking their best all day long.

All the heads are easily popped on and off and the only maintenance it requires is a rinse under the tap after each use to keep it looking its best. Not bad for a tenner, right?

Buy now £9.99, Wahl.co.uk

Babyliss 5-in-1 nose trimmer and grooming kit

Cheap and cheerful and nowhere near as intimidating as some of the other bits of tech on this list, the Babyliss 5-in-1 nose trimmer has all nose hair worries covered. Expect two hard-working heads in the form of a round nozzle and a slightly longer trimming attachment (think tidying your brows) and unexpected add ons: a pair of small scissors and a nail trimmer. But what should you do with these? It’s time to grab a filer, fire up your Spotify playlist and tend to all those bits and bobs that require a more polished grooming touch. Sunday pamper session sorted.

Buy now £20.00, Johnlewis.com

Manscaped weed whacker

You may have heard of Manscaped. It’s that fine American brand that men flock to nab trimmers accustomed to all the areas below the belt. But thankfully, this device is not “multi-use” in the broad sense of the term and is designed to focus solely on your little nose weeds.

The very powerful 9,000RPM motor zaps away hair in milliseconds and its sleek, contoured shape is expertly engineered to reach even the peskiest of hairs. The best part is that it’s 100 per cent waterproof, so you can trim away in the shower while washing your hair. Multi-tasking? You got this.

Buy now £40.00, Manscaped.com

Philips series 5000 nose trimmer

Meet the Swiss Army knife of the nose hair world. The nose hair attachments make this trimmer a real standout. Pruning is near effortless and the tech’s protective guards ensure there will be no nasty, painful pulls when you’re doing the deed. The 3mm and 5mm blades help to tame bushy brows and the added detail trimmer will help shape out unruly sideburns and necklines. Plus, the lovely little pouch will keep all your attachments safe – a godsend if you are one of those unorganised types.

Buy now £20.00, Boots.com

Wahl aqua blade multigroomer

You guessed it: this sleek and chic nose hair trimmer does a lot more than tweezing. The aqua blade from Wahl comes with four different heads and 16 different guide combs that cater to all body and face hair. In addition to its nose trimming prowess, it also acts as a great shaving tool perfect for trimming long beards and shaping uber-stylish stubble. Money wise, it’s a lot pricier, but that’s because of its top-notch motor (it lasts 180 minutes a charge) that’s designed to help you tackle those more stubborn hairy areas. With this model, you get what you pay for – excellence.

Buy now £64.99, Amazon.co.uk

Panasonic ER-GN30 nose and facial hair trimmer

If simplicity rules your life, this is the nose hair trimmer for you. Sturdy and built to last, Panasonic nails the nose hair scythe with total ease. Sure, it’s a bit too big to pop into your weekend wash bag, but its bulk ensures that it will survive the test of time no matter where you take it. Tech wise, it’s also impressive. The dual-edge blade means that it cut hairs from the top, as well as the sides, which guarantees an even closer cut come chopping day. The vortex cleaning system also keeps the kit looking its best, and it’s waterproof, too.

Buy now £11.99, Amazon.co.uk

Remington nose and ear trimmer NE3850

Grooming on a budget? This Remington trimmer is the perfect tool for someone who isn’t fussed about all the bells and whistles and just wants an entry level product that does the job. Straightforward and practical, gently shove it up your nose and watch those hairs go bye bye in the mirror. It really is as simple as that. Hard to say no to such a thing of ease, especially when it costs less than a tenner.

Buy now £9.99, Boots.com

Braun 10-in-1 styling kit

Multitasking gets an upgrade with Braun and this is an especially good buy if you just want something that’s going to sort everything from your nose, to your nips and everything else in between. Key features include lifetime sharp metal blades, an auto-sensing motor (for those more sensitive parts) and a waterproof casing. The five-minute quick charge is also super handy for those more manic days. To sum it up, if you want max rechargeable trimming (just think how much you’ll save on batteries in the long run) for your buck, buy this, and now.

Buy now £49.99, Amazon.co.uk

The verdict: Nose hair trimmers

For its price tag and the fact it does the job (and others) with little fuss and zero energy, Wahl’s precision trimmer really does tick all the boxes when it comes to obliterating all those pesky nose hairs. But if you’ve got the cash to blow, Braun’s 10-in-1 number and Wahl’s aqua blade multigroomer allow you to tidy up your entire body, as well as your muzzle – plus, they don’t need batteries, so you’re saving cash in the long run.

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