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The 8 best iPhone 14 accessories that you actually need and will use every day

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We’ve already gone over the best cases to buy for the iPhone 14 series, but in addition to smartphone protection, there are tons of other accessories out there that are worth the investment. The eight options featured on this list are items you’ll actually use every day in one capacity or another.

Shopping for accessories just after a new iPhone launches tends to be a trap for some folks. Many don’t know what to buy, or just end up buying everything they see and ultimately don’t end up using most of it.

The iPhone 14 accessories featured on this list were handpicked to ensure that you don’t waste money on things that aren’t useful or necessary. Options range from blue-light blocking tempered glass screen protectors and fast-charging USB-C adapters to a snap phone grip that doubles as a stand, magnetic power banks and more.

Check out each option below in more detail and snag the ones that best fit your daily needs.

1. CASETiFY Anti-Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector With Anti-Microbial Function, $42

Credit: CASETiFY
Credit: CASETiFY

$42 at CASETiFY

There are so many tempered glass screen protectors to choose from, but I’ve been using CASETiFY’s for years now and these are honestly the strongest and most resilient I’ve used to date.

In addition to being extremely easy to apply (no complicated contraptions and annoying air bubbles), this screen protector is scratch-resistant, ultra-thin with a precise edge-to-edge fit, anti-fingerprint and anti-shatter resistant and has 100% touch sensitivity. What I love most about it, though, is its built-in blue-light blocking filter which helps prevent eye strain and disrupted sleep.

2. Belkin Screenforce UltraGlass Treated Screen Protector, $39

Credit: Belkin
Credit: Belkin

$39 at Belkin

Belkin’s Screenforce UltraGlass Treated Screen Protector is another favorite of mine. It’s super strong without adding any extra thickness to your screen. What’s especially impressive about this one is its tested strength. It was scientifically engineered to be twice as strong as tempered glass screen protectors while maintaining a slim profile throughout.

3. Anker 20W USB-C Fast Charger (Nano Pro), $15.29 with ticked coupon (Orig. $17.99)

$15.29 $17.99 at Amazon

You likely already know that Apple no longer ships a charging brick with iPhones, so it’s important that you purchase one of your own to keep your device charged.

This one from Anker went viral following the release of the iPhone 12 series for its small profile and powerful performance. The Anker 20W USB-C Fast Charger is compatible with all iPhones from the 12 series and above. It provides safe, high-speed charging that’s up to three times faster than a standard 5W charger. To put that into perspective, this adapter charges your iPhone from 0% to 50% in just 25 minutes.

4. Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger With Fast-Charging Capability, $35.99 (Orig. $39)

$35.99 $39 at Amazon

Pair the Anker 20W USB-C Fast Charger with the best-selling Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger for the ultimate charging solution. When I’m traveling, these two products are the first items I toss into my bag.

This wireless charger perfectly utilizes Apple’s MagSafe technology and rapidly charges your iPhone without having to connect the cable to any ports on the device. Instead, just connect the charger to the back of your phone and it will begin charging.

This allows you to use your phone while it charges, and best of all, it doesn’t budge.

5. Nomad Base One MagSafe Charger, $99.95

Credit: Nomad Goods
Credit: Nomad Goods

$99.95 at Nomad Goods

If you’re looking for a MagSafe charging pad, the Nomad Base One is the best I’ve found and tested. This super solid device feels and looks luxurious thanks to its weighted metal body and elevated glass panel design.

It delivers official MFi MagSafe charging at up to 15W charging speed and looks absolutely stunning on any surface. I have mine on my nightstand and what I love most about it, in addition to its beautiful design, is its compact size, which is perfect for smaller tabletops.

The Nomad Base One MagSafe Charger doesn’t come with a USB-C adapter, so I recommend purchasing the Anker 20W USB-C Fast Charger or Nomad’s 30W Power Adapter.

6. MOFT MagSafe Compatible Snap Phone Grip & Stand, $34.99

Credit: MOFT
Credit: MOFT

$34.99 at MOFT

MOFT is one of the most innovative tech accessories brands I’ve ever used. Their products are excellent quality, and best of all, durable. The new MOFT MagSafe Compatible Snap Phone Grip & Stand is perfect for the iPhone 14 series because it has three different uses. It transforms from a slim, multi-disc design object to a sturdy phone grip and a multi-angle phone stand.

It rotates 360° and offers multiple hands-free viewing angles, and also acts as a kickstand at a vertical 90° angle, taking the place of a tripod stabilizer. This makes it perfect for video chats and live streaming. If you’re looking for one non-electronic accessory that does it all, this is the one to get.

7. Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini, $49.95

Credit: ZAGG
Credit: ZAGG

$49.95 at ZAGG

A power bank or portable wireless charger is a must-have for anyone with a phone — so just about everyone. The Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini is particularly impressive since it requires no cords or USB connection to charge your phone while you’re on the go. It simply attaches magnetically to the back of your phone and charges it on impact — that’s it! And, best of all, it charges your iPhone up to 100% on one full cycle.

8. Mophie Snap+ Powerstation Stand, $69.95

Credit: ZAGG
Credit: ZAGG

$69.95 at ZAGG

If you’d rather have a power station that’s both portable and stationary, the Mophie Snag+ Powerstation Stand is your best bet.

This device offers all of the perks of the Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini with the added convenience of a kickstand that lets you stream movies, make video calls and more without worrying about a low battery. This is a must-have for road trips, airplane rides and long-distance traveling when you’re away from standard charging outlets.

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