The 8 best bronzer brushes for aceing every sun-kissed situation

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Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images

Bronzer is one of those products that can completely transform your skin. Is your skin looking a bit dull? A bit of bronzer will help. Have you had a fake tan 'mare? Bronzer should sort it. Want to sculpt out those cheekbones? Bronzer is your contouring BFF.

But, while bronzers might be a staple in our make-up bags, the bronzer brush we use is just as important. Because whether you're contouring your nose, giving your complexion an all over glow or using a liquid or cream bronzer product – you'll probably want to switch up the tool you use.

So we've rummaged through the beauty cupboard, spoken to countless MUAs and basically carried out a major audit of which the best bronzer brush is for every situation. After all, having great tools can take your make-up from pretty to PRO standard. Whether you're looking for the best all round bronzer brush or the best bronzer brush for cream bronzer – we've got you covered.

Best bronzer brush for liquid and cream bronzers

1/ Iconic London Glossing Brush

This expertly designed bronzing brush is perfect for use with liquid or cream products (it's a match made in heaven with the brand's iconic Sheer Bronze.) With its uniquely curved brush head, it hugs the natural contours of your face, achieving a seamless, second-skin finish that'll leave you looking dewy and glowing.

2/ Chantecaille Liquid Sculpt Brush Mini

Created to glide freely over your complexion and seamlessly blend and buff in everything from liquids to gels, this mini brush is expertly shaped – meaning the softly angled synthetic fibres hug your contours and are perfect for creating curves to your complexion.

Best bronzer brush for contouring

3/ Hourglass Veil Powder Brush

This dual-ended, weighty brush is ideal for applying powder bronzer to every nook and cranny for a flawless, airbrushed finish. Use the tapered brush to sculpt and contour, before buffing excess away with the sumptuously soft fluffy end.

Best bronzer brush for an all-over glow

4/ Huda Beauty Glowish All Over Face Powder Brush

Made with 100% synthetic, ultra-soft fibres, this innovative domed brush promises to effortlessly diffuse powders without them settling into your pore, giving you a softly blurred, second-skin finish.

5/ Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Bronzing Brush

Perfect for an all over glow (or for top-ups when you're out-and-about), this densely packed bristle brush picks up the perfect amount of product before silky-smooth fibres effortlessly fan over your face and body, achieving a sun-kissed, beachy bronzed glow.

6/ IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Airbrush Powder & Bronzer Brush #1

With ultra-soft synthetic brush hairs and a clever custom-cut brush head, this fluffy bronzer brush hugs your features for seamless application that's it’s super easy to use.

Best bronzer brush for cheeks

7/ Vieve 121 Blush and Bronze Brush

Featuring ultra-plush synthetic bristles, this blush and bronzer brush achieves a natural flush that's easy to build-up to your desired effect.

8/ Mii Dramatic Finish Brush

This high density brush is perfect for sweeping on bronzer onto the apples of your cheeks, giving your skin a soft-focus glow from within.

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