This 72-Year-Old Powerlifter Just Broke 4 World Records—for the Second Time

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Photo credit: Adam Rivera/ Rudy Kadlub/ Instagram
Photo credit: Adam Rivera/ Rudy Kadlub/ Instagram

Rudy Kadlub made history last year when he set new world records in three different powerlifting events at the age of 71. And he's just done it a second time, breaking three of his previous records at the recent Drug-Tested World Meet of the International Powerlifting League (IPL), at 72 years old.

Kadlub's records prior to this meet were 430 pounds in the squat, 303 pounds in the bench press, 518 pounds in the deadlift, and and pulled 518 pounds in the deadlift, all of which earned him a fourth world record in his age category of highest total lift of 1,251 pounds at the IPL's North American Championship. He just smashed two of those figures with a 451-pound squat and a 314-pound bench press. He also deadlifted 512 pounds, culminating in another record for his highest raw lifting total ever, at 1,277 pounds.

And if beating his own personal bests and taking home another four world records wasn't enough of a win for the day, Kadlub was also awarded the Masters Best Lifter title by the IPL.

"This prep had some bumps," Kadlub wrote on Instagram, "from a fender bender that challenged my training for several weeks to a jam-packed business schedule, we still got it done, and we're still getting stronger.⁣"

Kadlub first started lifting in his mid-50s, after undergoing physiotherapy for a skiing injury. "The PT was at a gym where I would lift weights after my sessions, and I was able to bench-press increasingly more weight," he told Men's Health. "I have increased the amount of weight I can move over the years, which I attribute to constant improvement in technique. Maybe I’m not stronger than I was at 65, but I’m better at technique. I’ve had great coaches and training partners over the years who have helped me with technique and encouragement—two keys to improvement and longevity in any sport."

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