70 Amazing Gifts for the Women and Men in Your Life, from Stocking Stuffers to Luxury

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When I was first tasked with dreaming up a 70-item gift guide, I figured finding that many worthy items would be a difficult undertaking. As it turned out, the difficult part was narrowing my list down to just 70. However much pain it took to make this final edit, it’s here and I’m very excited to share it. The below guide will hopefully take some pressure off your holiday season so you can focus on the important stuff like decorating. And it will make you very popular with your gift recipients, of course. Without further adieu, here are the 70 gifts I will be expecting from loved ones this year.

For her

Peace Jewelers 14K Gold Choice of Carat Weight Cultured Diamond Stud Earrings, $499-$ 5,399 (

Looking for a nice pair off classic, everyday earrings to get your significant other? Look no further than these Peace Jewelers cultured diamonds. Not only will you be treating her, but you’ll be treating the planet as well.

Spinelli Kilcollin Ring, $490 (

Spinelli Kilcollin rings are simply the best. The jeweler has a range of equally incredible rings from simple silver stacks (which start at $250) to major diamond moments.

Ben-Amun Giza Bangle, $195 (

Statement wrists are having a moment, especially those with an air of vintage to them like this one. This style looks great solo or stacked with other bracelets.

Nili Lotan Nili’s Belt, $370 (

A good belt is a wardrobe staple and is an important finishing touch to pull a denim look together and make it look polished. For a budget-friendly alternative, check out this one from Levi’s. 

Acne Studios Fringe Wool Scarf, $180 (

If you're looking for a pop of color, but also want to play it safe, this Acne wool scarf is a great option. Neutral lovers can sport it as a statement piece.

Cuyana Oversized Double Loop Bag, $458 (

If you know someone struggling with their return to the office, make things better for them with a chic and long-lasting tote.

Lescarf Silk Scarf, $134 (

There’s so many different ways to utilize a silk scarf beyond its expected use, from tying it on a purse strap to creating unique hair moments with it.

Emu Australia Mayberry Slippers, $69.95 (

Cute, comfortable and durable. I’ve had these slippers for years and are one of my favorite things to gift friends.

Peace Jewelers 14K Gold 1.42ctw Round Cultured Diamond Trendy Bracelet, $1,399 (

A diamond tennis bracelet is a classic. What makes this one even better? Like the diamond studs listed above, it’s made from sustainable cultured diamonds and comes at a more reasonable price than others on the market.

Steamery Steamer, $130 (

This is a necessity to looking put together. Nobody is immune to wrinkled clothes.

Sleeping With Jacques Cleo Boxer Set, $289 (

Say hello to this beautiful luxe and playful silk sleep set. For a less expensive option, or for someone who prefers cotton, check out this set by Eberjey.

For him


A twist on your standard record player, this vertical option gives a floating illusion. This one by Pro-Ject is another great vertical option. For a budget-friendly record player, you can’t go wrong with a Crosley.

Sleepy Jones Pajama Set, $198 (

Herringbone PJs with a red trim that can be worn in and out of the home? Say no more.

Anderson's Woven Leather Belt $250, (

An everyday belt with texture to add a little style to simple looks.

Oban 14 Yr Scotch, $79.99 (

For the scotch lovers.

Glass Topper Cocktail Smoker, $38-80 (

Perfect for the mixologist or want-to-be bartender in your life.

Courant The Catch 2 Wireless Charger, $120 (

So much more appealing than white wires all over the place, this Italian leather catch-all charger will charge his iPhone and earbuds.

Sid Mashburn Collar Stays, $20 (

A step up from plastic collar stays, these brass ones are a great gift for someone headed back to the office.

Malin+Goetz Rum Body Wash, $25 (

A vegan and cruelty free body wash with a great but not overpowering scent and that is packed with amino acids and glycerin. His skin will thank you. The AXE days are over.

Birkenstock Arizona Shearling, $160 (

Controversial to suggest sandals for men, I know. But these are so soft, cool and great for indoor/outdoor use.

LinkVisions Dartboard, 49.99 (

A dartboard seems like a foolproof gift.

For the home and hostess

CIRE TRUDON Joséphine Room Spray, $240 (

Instead of a candle, opt for this room spray, which will last much longer and will double as a special decor piece.

Carrière Frères Diffuser, $90 (

A diffuser is another great scent option that keeps a space smelling beautiful.

Estelle Colored Glass, $95 (

You definitely don’t want to gift someone a full set of glasses (unless you know they are in need), but a set of two eclectic pieces will serve as a thoughtful hostess gift.

Ilex Studio Avocado Vase, $58 (

For your avo lovers.

OFFHOURS Homecoat, $295 (

The work-from-home blanket just got a fabulous upgrade with this Offhours homecoat.

Jiu Jie Pink Corduroy Tree Skirt, $116 (

Say goodbye to dated tree skirts!

Fazeek Vase, $120 (

Everyone loves a beautiful flower vase and this one comes in multiple playful color ways.

Ferm Living Avant Candelabra, $105 (

There are so many amazing candlesticks and candelabras on the market, and at every price point right now. Gift it with a set of candlesticks - the brown and black pairing here is very nice for the winter months.

Chefanie Woody Tree Cocktail Napkins, $52 (

The newest dinner party necessity.

For the cook

Material Kitchen The Trio of Knives, $170 (

A beautiful, all-around knife set like this Material Kitchen offering is ideal for someone who is moving into their first place or just needs an upgrade.

Avignon Apron Pistache, $59 (

This chic apron will brighten anyone’s day.

BRANCHE Olive Oil Set, $77 (

A simple, high-quality olive oil is always a welcomed gift.

Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Maker, $57.99 (

Microwave popcorn is out.

Le Creuset Mini Round Cocotte, $21.99 (

I got this for a friend a couple of years back, and while she seemed thrilled  about it, it took a while before she found something small enough to cook in it. My suggestion would be to add this book of tiny recipes with it.

For nature enthusiasts

Happy Birdwatcher Co. Starter Box, $34 (

This will likely be an unexpected one. If your giftee is living outside the city and has the ability to feed the birds, this is a wholesome, unique gift. Pair it with a bird feeder if they don’t already have one.

L.L.Bean Bocce Set, $129 (

Imagine how heavy the gift box will be? Make them guess what’s inside!

Niwaki Rattan Snips, $54 (

If anyone has ever gone to battle using kitchen scissors with a thick flower stem, you will understand the necessity of real snippers.

Anthropologie Second Skin Garden Gloves, $34 (

A thoughtful and relatively inexpensive gift. You can get some adorably packaged flower seeds from Etsy to pair with them.

Click & Grow Smart Garden, $74.95 (

No green thumb needed!

Simply Living Well by Julia Watkins, $24 (

A how-to on eliminating wasteful packaging, harmful ingredients and disposable items from the home.

On Running Cloudrock2 Waterproof Boots,  $219.99 (

The creme de la creme (according to moi) of hiking boots.

Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit Grill, $248.79 (

This is one of the many times I wish I lived in Montana and not Manhattan. A more extravagant gift, but it will last a lifetime.

Oura Ring, $349-$549 (

This ring is a game changer in the wearable game. While it’s a great gift for anyone trying to stay in touch with their metrics, their recent partnership with Natural Cycles is an exciting new feature for women. The ring tracks temperature and when paired with the NC app, one can track ovulation and fertility.

Theragun Mini, $149 (

A great solve for soothing and helping sore muscles recover post-workout or post-being-hunched over a screen all day.

Canopy Humidifier Starter Set, $215 (

With the winter months upon us, dryness is looming and a humidifier can save the day. For an added experience, gift it with some essential oils that can be added directly to the water.

LARQ Bottle PureVis™$118 (

This is the ultimate water bottle because it has a built-in filter.


Elevate the experience, if you know what I mean.

SEEDLIP Non-Alcoholic Spirit Trio, $89 (

Sober curious is trending! Get on board. Or use this lovely botanical as a mixer.

Wthn Crystal Ear Seed Kit, $45 (

An at-home, easy-to-apply acupuncture set that is meant to reduce stress, relieve pain and restore hormonal balance.

For coffee and tea aficianados

Nespresso Creatista Plus, $454.30 (

This Nespresso machine is one of the highest rated, bang-for-your-buck coffee makers.

Pala Ceramics Carafe and Pour Over Set, $120 (

The most adorable pour-over set there ever was.

ZWILLING Electric Milk Frother, $119.99 (

A milk frother is a necessity IMO.

uKEG Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $174.97 (

A cool gift for a cold brew lover.

Almond Cow Plant Based Milk Maker, $255 (

The Almond Cow makes creating plant-based milks at home so easy and delicious. Store-bought can’t beat it.

Matchaful Premium Japanese Essentials Set, $92 (

A starter kit for matcha making. Pair it with a great honey that can be used as a sweetener.

Gucci Herbarium Teapot, $680 (

For someone you really, really love. And who really, really loves tea.

For beauty lovers

NuFACE Mini Starter Kit, $220 (

Also known as the face snatcher.

Droplette 2, $199 (

This device efficiently mists product deeply into the skin.

Solawave Red Light Wand, $169 (

Red-light therapy is all the rage and with good reason. This wand aims to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

WILDLING Lumin Cupping Set, $39 (

A natural way to contour the face and prevent signs of aging.

Nood The Flasher™ 2.0, $189 (

A pain-free, easy at-home hair removal kit because waxes are horrifically painful.

OGEE Contour Set, $138 (

Get an organic, clean way to a sculpted look with this beautiful cream contour kit.

Bare Hands Gift Set, $54 (

It’s like no-make makeup, but for your nails!

ONE LOVE ORGANICS Vitamin C Body Love Kit, $89 (

A clean beauty favorite for baby skin that smells like creamsicles.

For wannabe hairstylists

Shark Air Styling & Drying System, $249.99 (

Looks like the Dyson, smells like the Dyson, is half the price of the Dyson.

Wellbel Hair Skin and Nails Supplement, $68 (

This cult favorite supplement is perfect for anyone trying to grow out long healthy locks.

S-Heart-S Scalp Hair Brush, $46 (

This brush is like the superior version of the wet brush you can buy at CVS. I’ve had one for four years and it’s as good as new. And I can assure you I do not handle with care.

CROWN AFFAIR The Towel, $45 (

A microfiber towel is key to good hair.

LE LABO Basil Shampoo, $55 (

ICYMI, LE LABO also does haircare. As you can imagine, the smell is to die for.

LELET NY Amy Bow, $78 (

A luxury, dramatic twist on a classic hair bow that makes any hairdo a moment.

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