7 weird Easter eggs, from Game of Thrones-inspired to Marmite-flavoured

Sabrina Barr
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7 weird Easter eggs, from Game of Thrones-inspired to Marmite-flavoured

Easter, otherwise (unofficially) known as chocolate-eating season, has arrived.

Year upon year, chances are that the Easter eggs you receive from your loved ones to commemorate the religious occasion are delicious, albeit slightly bog standard.

And while there's nothing quite like a classic fail-safe Dairy Milk egg, the recent rise in themed chocolates has brought some much-needed competition to supermarket shelves.

So when you're buying your eggs this year you may choose to depart from convention, and go for a chocolate egg that's slightly less traditional.

Without further ado, here are seven of the weirdest Easter eggs to indulge in this year:

Sainsbury's cheese egg

(Sainsbury's) The 'Cheesalicious' Easter egg

Last month, Sainsbury's revealed its all-new "Cheesalicious" Easter egg - an egg made entirely - as the name suggests - from cheese.

While some may think of Easter as a predominantly chocolate-fuelled holiday, Sainsbury's is paving the way for those who prefer savoury over sweet with their new offering.

“We’re always looking for new and unique products to offer to our customers, especially during gifting periods throughout the year when people are on the lookout for something special to give their loved ones," said Emma Garvey, cheese buyer for Sainsbury's.

The cheddar cheese egg costs £5, and can be bought online and in-store from Wednesday 10 April.

Marks & Spencer "Jazzie" egg

The Marks & Spencer 'Jazzie' Egg (Marks & Spencer)

Enjoy a blast from the past with the Marks & Spencer "Jazzie" Easter egg.

Anyone who spent their childhoods gorging on Jazzie sweets in their pick 'n' mix bags will be able to appreciate how special this egg is.

The hollow egg is made from milk chocolate and covered in the multicoloured sprinkled sweets.

It costs £4 and can be bought in-store.

Deliveroo Game of Thrones dragon egg

The Game of Thrones-inspired dragon Easter eggs being offered by Deliveroo (Deliveroo)

For all those eagerly looking forward to the upcoming eighth season of Game of Thrones, what better way to celebrate the acclaimed television show than be indulging in a dragon scale Easter egg from Deliveroo.

The eggs have been made using Fairtrade white chocolate and weigh 1kg each.

They were inspired by the dragon eggs gifted to Daenerys Targaryen in the very first episode of the show.

“Easter is coming and so is the final series of our favourite blood-soaked romp," said Joe Groves, head of consumer communications for Deliveroo in the UK and Ireland.

"We see huge spikes of orders around season premieres and finales and we thought what better way to celebrate hardcore fans than with these amazing scaley creations."

The dragon eggs will be available on the Deliveroo website and app for 80p from Sunday 14 April until Easter Sunday (21 April).

Waitrose dark chocolate avocado egg

The Waitrose avocado chocolate Easter egg (Waitrose)

A combination of dark chocolate and avocado - what more could you want?

In 2018, the Waitrose dark chocolate avocado Easter egg became the fastest-selling egg in the company's 114-year history, the supermarket claims.

The egg is now back for a second consecutive year, made from a Belgian chocolate shell, white chocolate (as a substitute for the green, creamy avocado) and a "stone" of chunky chocolate coated in cocoa dust.

The egg costs £8 and can be bought here.

Asda Marmite-flavoured Easter egg

The Marmite Flavour Chocolate Egg available at Asda (Asda)

Just like the classic British spread, with the Marmite-flavoured chocolate Easter egg, you're either going to love it, or you're going to hate it.

Available at Asda, the egg weighs 160g and has been described as the "one and only yeaster egg".

The Easter egg has divided opinion among Marmite lovers and haters alike.

"I love Marmite BUT a Marmite-flavoured Easter egg. No. Just no!" one person tweeted.

"I really like Marmite, but a Marmite-flavoured Easter egg might well be pushing it," another added.

The egg costs £3 and can be bought here.

Aldi bird cage egg

The Aldi Exquisite Bird Cage Easter Egg (Aldi)

Aldi has brought a touch of luxury to Easter, by selling a chocolate egg encased in an "exquisite" bird cage. Who knew Easter eggs could be so elegant?

In addition to the dark chocolate Easter egg inside, the milk chocolate bird cage can also be consumed.

The bird cage was "carved using laser technology", the supermarket states, and features a "metallic lustre finish".

The egg costs £14.99 and is available to buy in store. For more information, click here.

Heston from Waitrose chocolate Scotch egg

The Heston from Waitrose Scotch Easter egg (Waitrose)

Adding a twist to the traditional savoury Scotch egg comes the Heston from Waitrose chocolate Scotch egg.

Substituting breadcrumbs for milk chocolate, mango and yuzu fondant for the egg yolk and milk chocolate caramel ganache for the meat, this egg sounds especially appetising.

The egg costs £6 and can be bought here.

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