12 ways to drink Baileys that isn't just over ice

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Photo credit: Andrii Moniuk - Getty Images
Photo credit: Andrii Moniuk - Getty Images

Everyone knows Baileys is a winner, and there's often nothing better to get you feeling a bit merry than a creamy, alcoholic bevvy. But pouring a glug (or five) over ice isn't the only way to serve it: here are seven Baileys cocktail recipes to mix it up with this year, with advice on what to mix it with and how to make the ultimate Baileys hot chocolate. You're welcome.

Best Baileys cocktail recipes

1.Winter snowflake cocktail

This one is pretty indulgent, and basically tastes like a spiked chocolate milk. We're talking white chocolate, Baileys, milk and cream. Yeah, it's a lot.

2. Baileys and Amaretto hot-tail

Baileys and Amaretto mixed together.. Can you think of anything better? We can't. Sign us up.

3. Caramel apple martini

A martini might scream more James Bond than creamy Baileys initially, but this one promises to combine both worlds. We're a big fan of a salt and sugar rim, too.

4. Flat white martini

Another martini recipe, this one combines coffee with the creaminess of Baileys to offer a seriously indulgent treat. Just don't take your caffeine fix too late!

5. Mudslide cocktail

This one is basically an espresso martini, replacing the espresso shot with Baileys. So yeah, it's pretty lethal - vodka, coffee liqueur and Baileys is quite the combo.

6. Baileys pumpkin spice cocktail recipe

Anyone else ready for Halloween? Maybe? Mix together the tastes of 30 October and Christmas with a Baileys / pumpkin spice crossover, paired with a bright orange glass rim.

7. Frozen mochaccino

Now this is something we can really get on board with in the summer. Whether as a mid-morning pick-me-up (maybe?) or an after dinner dessert, anything that looks like ice cream. gets the thumbs up from us.

8. Eton mess cocktail

Don't forget Baileys cocktails could combine any of the flavours - including Strawberries and Cream. This one basically looks like a delicious milkshake.

9. Baileys hot chocolate

It's just a classic, isn't it? Add a big slosh of warmed Baileys in to your wintery treat and you're good to go.

10. Baileys vanilla martini

Baileys? Tick. Vanilla? Tick. Martini? Tick. What's not to love about this sweety boozy combo?

11. White Russian with Baileys

This creamy cocktail is perfect for people who basically want to feel like they're having a boozy milkshake, aka, the dream.

12. Baileys Oreo milkshake recipe

Speaking of boozy milkshakes, this one combines Baileys with Oreos and a cheeky dash of vodka.

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