8 Tiny Conscious Beauty Tweaks You Can Make to Be a More Eco-Friendly Consumer

Jessica Harrington

yeDuring Earth Month, making conscious beauty decisions is on our minds more now than ever. But things like monitoring our consumption, optimizing our usage, and working toward more sustainable habits are important year-round, not just on Earth Day. Now, before you go off thinking we're suggesting you completely abandon your old ways, hear us out: it doesn't take drastic measures to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly. There are plenty of tiny conscious beauty tweaks you can make.

"The beauty industry is only behind the food and beverage industry as one of the world's biggest sources of waste," Belinda Smith, the founder of St. Rose, a cleanly formulated, sustainably-sourced fragrance brand, told POPSUGAR. "However, instead of feeling guilty or discouraged let's do something about it. Small progress every day is a big win and we all need to do our part if we are going to steer this ship around."

Ahead, we're sharing a few conscious beauty changes you can make in your everyday life to work toward a more eco-friendly, sustainable routine.