7 simple make-up tips for redheads

Amber Sudbury
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7 simple make-up tips for redheads

Eye Shadows

In a new age of fake tan and sun beds, what's a fair skinned, redhead to do? For the naturally, or not so naturally, red headed pale skinned beauty here are a few make-up tips that I've picked up along the way.


Wear a yellowy based foundation

Avoid anything that has a red or pink base. My foundation is a yellowy/beige colour and I've found that it's the only colour that looks any good on me.

2. Extend those eye lashes!

If you're like me and still look half asleep unless you have mascara on, you'll need a really good mascara to lengthen and create volume for your light lashes. I use one called 'lash food', which not only gives my eyes the wake up call they need, but it also contains vitamins and minerals to keep my lashes healthy.

3. You can wear red lipstick

Experiment with finding the right colour. I have previously spent a whole day trying to find a red lipstick that looks good on me and I always stick to coral colours, and avoid brown like the plague. During the day, wear a lip balm, or natural beige, so that your eyes have a chance to stand out.

4. Neutral tones work best on the eyes

Any colour that you'll find in a forest will suit you; so browns, golds and greens, but be creative, I really love wearing different shades of purple if I want to go for a dramatic look. Avoid pink! I look like I've got the flu if I wear pink eye shadow and there is not a colour in the world that will clash with your hair so spectacularly!

5. Bronze

Give your skin a light bronze on the t-zone. Be really subtle with your bronzer as it's easy to over do it when you have pale skin. Over apply and you'll find that you have a large streak across your face.

6. Black's okay, but brown is better!

For eyeliner and mascara, browns, greens and purples work best. Black can seem slightly harsh in the light of day, so I usually save it for my evening make up.

7. Stay true to your skin tone

If you go a lot darker than you actually are, it's going to really show. During the day, wear a tinted moisturiser, or mix some of your foundation with your regular moisturiser to keep it sheer. I have freckles all over my arms, so it looks odd if I completely cover the freckles on my face.

Colours for specific eye colours

Blue eyes - bronze, peach, brown

Greens eyes - purples, mauves, violets

Brown - any

Hazel - mauves and jewel colours

Handy tip

Instead of going out and buying a variety of different colour eyeliners. Mix some water with a little loose eye shadow powder and apply just like an eyeliner with a detailed brush. It will save you money, and you'll always have an eyeliner to match your eyes!

There isn't a set of hard and fast rules that you should always abide by; what looks good on you may not look good on someone else, and visa versa. Experiment and have fun with it!