These 7 principles guide how 'The Flight Attendant' star Kaley Cuoco eats

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Kaley Cuoco's HBO Max hit series The Flight Attendant has just wrapped up its second season, and fans are already searching for hints about a possible season 3.

And while Kaley stayed tight-lipped about what's to come for Cassie Bowden, she sat down with Women's Health US to talk about her summer plans.

Kaley, 36, has been acting in and producing The Flight Attendant for the past two years, and earned herself an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination for its first season.

If you're curious to know what the actress does to stay healthy and energised, Kaley filled Women's Health in on her daily approach to food and nutrition.

Toast and peanut butter is a daily non-negotiable

Like most of the planet, Kaley starts her day off with a cup if coffee. Her go-to is an extra-hot oat milk latte that she drinks with a piece of sourdough toast slathered in peanut butter.

That toast element is essential in her morning routine, and Kaley says she even travels with a toaster and her peanut butter so that she has breakfast covered every single day. Now, that is commitment.

Life is better when Kaley eats regularly

While she used to avoid snacking, Kaley now doesn't wait too long between meals.

'I learned over the past few years that I have to eat every two hours,' she shares. 'I just do.'

'I'm not talking about giant meals, but I literally start to fall apart, especially when I'm shooting...there has to be at least a snack or something that I'm eating because I just lose energy so quickly.'

Snacks can be nibbled - or sipped

Kaley's a big fan of high-protein snack bars and smoothies - her favourite blend contains nutritious ingredients such as avocado, cacao nibs, almond butter, and cashew milk.

'I love a smoothie,' says Kaley. 'I think it's a great way to get a nice meal in there, and it's quite easy.'

Sometimes, Kaley also reaches for a rice cake, apples with peanut butter (elite snack!) or a pear, which is her 'favourite fruit in the whole world'.

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Fish is the best

Kaley loads up on protein at lunch and dinner - and loves oily fish, such as salmon, as well as tuna.

'I love tuna, [I] love it on a salad, love it in a wrap, love it in its own...' says Kaley. 'I'm obsessed with tuna.'

A typical dinner might be grilled salmon with baked potato and veggies. 'If I had to say what I eat most, it would be salmon,' she reveals.

Sweet stuff is best enjoyed as a treat

One of life's sweet tooth-havers, Kaley says she doesn't eat sweets and chocolate as often as she used to, she'll still enjoy something sweet or salty after dinner.

Her faves include white chocolate pieces or popcorn. But Kaley avoids eating sweets late at night. 'I just don't feel good after, and I don't feel good when I wake up.'

Drinking less - but better - works for her.

When it comes to drinks, prioritising hydration - 'drinking more water and less alcohol' has helped Kaley feel her best ever.

But as befits her new role as Smirnoff's 'Chief Summer Officer' (basically, that means Kaley's here to remind everyone how to make the most of this summer - poolside cocktails included) she loves a delicious boozy beverage made with Smirnoff vodka. 'It's much more enjoyable when it's nice and hot outside.'

Photo credit: Smirnoff
Photo credit: Smirnoff

Nothing like a fun little summer cocktail.

Her nutrition philosophy has changed over time

Kaley has learned quite a few lessons about what fuels her body best over the years. For starters, she's more aware of where and how she eats her meals.

'I no longer watch TV while I eat. I think that's a big distraction because you're not thinking about what's going on,' she says. 'It's just being very mindful.'

Her health - and her relationship with food - have improved in tandem

'I'm much healthier now than I used to be,' Kaley shares. 'And I feel better than I ever have, but I also probably eat more than I ever have, which is interesting.'

'I think I used to be afraid to eat, and now I just know the right things to eat,' she tells WH. 'There's a huge difference.'

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