7 Places To Buy Plants Online To Suit Every Budget

Jess Commons

Houseplants are just the best, aren't they? They're like a living, breathing pal who's got your back during lockdown, both cleaning the air and brightening up your space. And unlike your housemates, they don't leave three-day-old dirty plates in the sink.

If you're renting, they're a quick and easy way to spruce up a lacklustre room without losing your security deposit. Plus, the joy you get when you see your new sons and daughters flourishing under your care? Chef's kiss.

Since we're stuck inside staring at the same four walls, it's no surprise that interest in homeware has gone way, way up and houseplants are no exception. As someone who has purchased 14 (yep) plant buddies during lockdown, I've rounded up my fave places to get your new pals from.

Best for: doing your bit(ish)

Thompson & Morgan is a HUGE online garden centre which may not be going for the same aesthetic crowd as other delivery services but which does have a great choice of budget-friendly indoor and outdoor plants.

During the pandemic they're working with nurseries and groweries to make sure as few plants as possible are wasted while IRL garden centres are closed. Good for them, and good for you, as there are plenty of deals to be had as they work to fulfil this goal. Deliveries could take a few weeks.

Thompson & Morgan Senecio 'String of Pearls', $, available at Thompson & Morgan

Best for: reliability

Patch plants has become the breakout plant delivery service for the Instagram crew and with good reason. Their website is easy to use and their plants have peppy human names, which buys into our weird need to refer to them as our sons and daughters.

There's also plenty of clear and easy-to-read info on their website about how not to kill your plants. They now deliver countrywide and although London deliveries are operating within non-pandemic timeframes, deliveries outside the capital are running a little behind.

Patch Kentia Palm, $, available at Patch

Best for: supporting side hustles

So many incomes have been affected during this time and, for those with side hustles or small online businesses, that revenue stream may have become more vital than ever.

Check out the plant selection on Etsy, then, as many of the small sellers are still delivering (although some are on pause, so make sure you check) and a little extra cash could go a long way right now.

Pretty Cactus Plants Million Hearts Vine / Dischidia Ruscifolia, $, available at Etsy

Best for: your sanity

Bloombox was legit created by a doctor of psychology called Katie Cooper after she witnessed the positive effects that plant care could have on mental health.

As a result, the website is pretty cute: there are lots of easy-to-read, nonjudgmental articles about plant care and its effect on mental health, and you can even find a plant buddy to match your personality and lifestyle.

Bloombox Swiss Cheese Plant, $, available at Bloombox

Best for: fancy p(l)ants

Leaf Envy's Instagram is a plant lover's dream. It's so good, it's verging on plant porn. Please, see for yourself.

Leaf Envy is definitely not the cheapest option for your new purchases but they have all sorts of interesting and unusual plants to add to your collection. If you're looking for some interesting guys to top up your already healthy selection, these are your plant sellers.

They're also doing pretty well at delivery times right now, asking nationwide customers to allow up to seven days for delivery while they process orders.

Leaf Envy Alocasia Zebrina Large, $, available at Leaf Envy

Best for: budget buys

Blooming Direct is another big online garden centre and has some great deals to take advantage of, like this cheese plant for a tenner.

Do be wary with the bigger garden centres, though – the plants you're ordering aren't necessarily going to arrive in the same Insta-ready state that plants from Patch and other places do. Plants from Blooming Direct will probably require some green-fingered attention and a bit of repotting before they're ready to grow into the glorious lads you know they have the potential to become.

Blooming Direct Monstera Deliciosa 'Swiss Cheese Plant', $, available at Blooming Direct

Best for: bulk orders

Selling both indoor and outdoor plants at reasonable prices, online garden centre Bakker is good at catering to the Insta-plant crowd as well as the Sue-and-Kevin-gardening-during-lockdown lot.

Reliable, with lots of choice, plants sold as seen and prices that are super reasonable, it's a good place to begin if you're starting from scratch.

Bakker Ctenanthe burle-marxii, $, available at Bakker

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