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Easy meal ideas for Boxing Day

Jo Romero
Yahoo Lifestyle
26 December 2012

Too full up from your Christmas roast to eat much on Boxing Day? Don’t want to spend hours again in the kitchen? Not sure what to do with all those leftover Brussels sprouts? Then help is at hand - try our light and effortless meal solutions for Boxing Day - and save money by using up those leftovers, too.

Boxing Day breakfast
Got any leftover veggies that you couldn’t force down with your Christmas dinner? Chop them up and stir  them into some mashed potato along with leftover shredded cooked meats and season with salt and  pepper. Form into patties and dust with a little flour. Fry for a few minutes on each side until golden and heated through and serve with a fried egg for an economical and delicious Boxing Day breakfast or brunch.

Cheese and biscuits
You're bound to have some cheese leftover from Christmas Eve, and some crackers in the cupboard. So lay them all out on a board and bring them to the table with any other deli-type foods you have handy (olives, ham, salami, grapes, chutney, pickle) and tuck in.

Eating like this also means everyone can eat what and how much they want, rather than having a meal dished out in individual portions on a plate (which everyone feels obliged to finish). Otherwise, if you fancy a bit of post-Christmas baking, crumble up any leftover cheeses and add to a home-made quiche.

Turkey curry
The old Boxing Day favourite. If you love making curries, and have an array of spices and fresh herbs then make your own. But don't feel bad about kicking back and using a curry paste or shop-bought jar, especially if you spent hours in the kitchen on Christmas Day.

Tear up any leftover turkey, or other cooked meats, and mix into your sauce (just make sure it's fully reheated). To make your Boxing Day curry feel more special, serve it alongside some accompaniments such as poppadoms, bhajis and chutneys.

Ham, egg and chips
Or cold turkey and chips. Or cold meats, chips and pickle. All roasted meats are delicious served cold and make a quick and light meal, along with a side of bubble and squeak made from leftover roast potatoes and greens (Brussels sprouts make great, full-flavoured bubble and squeak).

Use the bones from your Christmas roast to make some home-made stock to turn into a delicious, soothing soup. To keep it festive and seasonal, try chestnut soup, or a mushroom soup with a splash of Marsala.

Pad out your soup with noodles, orzo, rice or small pasta shapes such as ditalini if you fancy something more filling. Keep a can of borlotti or mixed beans handy in the cupboard; these will also add substance to a soup if you need it.

A Christmas salad
Shred leftover meats and make a salad using rocket, spinach and watercress and sprinkle over some pomegranate seeds for crunch, sweetness and festive colour. Add cooked rice or orzo to make it more substantial and whisk up a salad dressing using olive oil, vinegar (or lemon juice) and a pinch of fresh herbs, which you're bound to have handy after Christmas.

For an Asian-style dressing, use soy sauce, sesame oil, lime and coriander leaves, or drizzle in some sweet chilli sauce. Crumble some cheese over a basic salad, or whisk blue cheese into a dressing. A teaspoon of horseradish sauce whisked into a dressing will complement a smoked salmon or trout salad beautifully. All you need to go with it is a fork, sofa and a film on the telly.

Burritos or fajitas
Burritos and fajitas are great made with shredded roast pork, chicken, turkey or beef.

You’ll need some salsa or hot sauce, rice and wraps in the cupboard, and can make guacamole from lime and avocado.

If you don't like wraps, make tacos - great with some fresh coriander leaves, lime juice and grated cheese. Dish everything up in separate bowls and on boards and let everyone help themselves at the table.

What are you eating on Boxing Day? How do you use up your Christmas leftovers?

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