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Cremorlab is one of Michelle Phan’s top products. The main foundation of Cremorlab products focuses on T.EN. (thermal water therapy, eco-energy, and natural nourishment). It’s all about hydrating and maintaining ultimate health of your skin, and Cremorlab has a selection of products that boast just this. The Mineral Mist Water spray is a perfect grab-and-go pH product. Simply spray your face or neck (pre- or post-makeup) from eight to 10 inches away, and let the T.E.N thermal water lightly coat your skin, giving a refreshing and moisturizing seal. Also note the T.EN. Cremor Cleansing Veil wipes which have sunflower and green tea extract (to help moisturize and soothe) or one of the multiple face masks Cremorlab has to offer, made to help with everything from blemishes to improving overall skin complexion. 

7 Korean beauty products and trends you need to try

From sheet masks to fermented ingredients, DIY beauty hacks to LED light therapy, there’s a lot to be gained from Korean beauty care. We’ve even consulted beauty guru, Michelle Phan, about her go-to products and treatments, which we’ve divulged below. Phan notes she’s been using Korean beauty products for years and “swears by their skin care products.” 

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