7 Great Reasons to Pick up the October Issue of Men's Health

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Whatever questions you find playing on your mind this month, the answers are likely to be found inside our latest issue.

Want to know which sports supplements are really worth your money? We've tried and tested them. Keen to brush up on the newest training techniques, helping world-class athletes build size and stamina? Our industry insiders spill all. Or perhaps you're more concerned with your mental well-being and the worrying rise in workplace burnout? We have a remedy for that. Just want a flock of finger lickin' chicken recipes to ruffle the feathers of your weekday repertoire? How about 28 of them...

You'll find that and far more besides in the October issue of Men's Health, on sale now. Here's your preview.

On the Cover: Zac Efron Rides Again

He’s been a child star, a fitness pin-up, a leading man, an on-screen himbo and an environmental activist. But Zac Efron hasn’t always been healthy. Now he’s reinventing himself – and he wants to do it right.

28 Ways to Turn Chicken into Muscle

When it comes to fuelling your efforts in the gym, poultry is the ultimate wingman. But by focusing only on the leanest meat in its plainest form, you’re missing out on vital nutrients – not to mention flavour. Spread your culinary wings with this flock of nutritious, protein- rich feasts, compiled by some of the UK’s most exciting chefs. It’s time to teach the old bird some new tricks.

The Truth About Fitness Influencers

The modern fitness influencer is a conundrum: spreader or debunker of misinformation? Unscrupulous product-pusher or credible content-creator? Relatable or unattainable? Whether or not you ‘like’ the idea, influencers are now the UK’s main source of health and fitness info. But how did we get here? And does everyone deserve a platform?

Sports Nutrition Awards 2022

Anyone who tells you all supps are the same is still taking the same old supps. The sports nutrition industry is bigger and broader than ever before, with ample choice for every goal – from fitness and fat loss to strength and stamina. Our annual audit aims to identify those that are worthy of a spot in your stack. And the real winner, of course, is you.

Sam Tomkins: A League of His Own

For a reigning Man of Steel, rugby league powerhouse Sam Tomkins cuts a comparatively slender figure. But, as the England captain explains to Alastair Campbell, it’s what’s up top that has secured his standing in the game. With the delayed World Cup approaching, they talk physicality, mentality and the unrelenting desire to win.

Are You Burnt Out?

Since the start of the pandemic, the term ‘burnout’ has become ubiquitous, with more than half of us reportedly afflicted. Are we in the midst of a nationwide mental health crisis – or is this an inevitable symptom of a culture that misjudges the purpose and value of work?

Lessons in Muscle from the NFL

American football players aren’t just big; they need to be agile, powerful and durable. But building total athleticism that lasts in the long run is no easy feat – not without some insider intel. Ahead of the NFL’s London Games, MH spoke to the sport’s most innovative athletes and coaches to help you hone your own game plan.

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