'I'm a WH Editor and this £7.99 item is the one thing I'd bother buying on Amazon Prime Day'

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Photo credit: Amy Lane (@wellness_ed)
Photo credit: Amy Lane (@wellness_ed)

Resistance bands – the simplest piece of exercise kit there ever was and yet, the most underrated. And I can see why. Aside from the Crayola-esque colours they often come in, there’s not much more to say about these over-sized elastic bands.

But add one into your gym kit - like today for only £6.36 on Amazon Prime - and you’ve got yourself an A-list style workout anytime, anywhere.


Over the years I've trained with PTs credited with helping Jennifer Lawrence, Adriana Lima, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Elle Macpherson, Vogue Williams and Millie Mackintosh get lean for life (James Duigan, Dalton Wong and Lee Mullins I'm looking at you).

Aside from enforcing a 'no fitness until you foam roll' rule in every session, they all had me do this one thing: wakeup my lazy arse glutes with a resistance band.

No session began without resistance band activations.

In some sessions the band was also used to finesse my form. Huh, how? By entangling my legs in a band for squat jumps my knees weren't able to cave inwards - this ensures better ankle, knee and hip alignment (boring but crucial to avoid injury).

There were also times when the guys used nothing more than a band and bodyweight for building my bum. This left me spanking out latic acid and berating this glorified rubber band.

Although, not for long as I always went back for more.

Last year, Wong launched a full-body at home workout programme using nothing more than a mini band too - further proof that you can get results by amping up the resistance sans gym.

Simply put, if I overlooked this uber portable, lightweight piece of kit before then not anymore.

Today, I'm well and truly 'with the band'.

Need proof? Catch me on IG using one before every session - run, gym and HIIT - or to intensity core work.

Whether you want to perfect your squat, sculpt your arms or get your thighs burning ship yours from Amazon today. Prime Deals end at midnight.

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