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It's all too easy to type everything these days, but the art of hand lettering is experiencing a resurgence, particularly for those who enjoy doing papercrafting. It's such a fun way to develop beautiful handwriting which you will use for so many crafts.

Calligraphy pens and brush lettering have become popular as people want to learn the skill of perfect handwriting in order to create their own notes and invites, use them in cardmaking, scrapbooking, journalling and save money in the process.

Like colouring in, calligraphy has also been credited with helping to ease anxiety and stress, because it forces your mind to focus on one task only and gives your eyes a much needed break from screens.

Calligraphy artist and author of Modern Brush Lettering, Becki Clark told Prima: "Calligraphy is a fun and relaxing craft to learn that can transform craft projects with a new level of personalisation.

"Because of its repetitive nature, calligraphy is a great way to practice mindfulness whilst also exploring your creativity with just a few materials. Once you are confident you can create endless personalised cards, gift tags, place names or combine your calligraphy with other crafts!"

What is the difference between calligraphy and brush lettering?

Calligraphy is the traditional craft of handwriting, used in different cultures around the world including Chinese and Japanese and is done using a nib pen or writing quill. Brush lettering is a modern form of calligraphy done with marker and brush pens, however they both use the same principles in terms of forming your letters.

According to Becki, beginners are often shocked at how they can progress with hand lettering in just a two-hour workshop. She said: "I personally enjoy the fact that you only need a pen and paper and you can get lost in calligraphy practice for hours, it's addictive once you get started and I love how more and more practice develops my own style"

If you’re keen to learn calligraphy but have no idea where to start, the first thing to do is invest in the right tools. A great calligraphy pen will make all the difference to your writing. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned calligrapher looking for some new tools, we've rounded up some of the best calligraphy pens on the market to buy right now.

Getting started with using calligraphy pens

Though it's easy to buy calligraphy pens online if you're able to test one out before purchasing it can be very useful. Becki says: "I'd recommend going into your local art and craft store and trying out a few pens to see what they're like. You want your pen to be flexible, responsive to pressures and comfortable to use."

Before you invest in a pen it's also good to know what you'll be using it for. Becki says: "Think what you want to use it for, perhaps it's wedding stationery so consider the colour of the pen you want, there are a brilliant selection of coloured pens out there so consider what you plan on creating before you buy or buy a calligraphy pen and used coloured inks."

Those in need of inspiration for how to use their new calligraphy pens can discover more of Becki's work on her website or buy a calligraphy book to get ideas.

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