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Automate It

Reddit user professional_slacker says:

"Ever since I bought my house and took on a mortgage payment of $800 a month, I have had my bank take $400 out of my paycheck every other week and put it into a separate savings account. Then at the end of the month, I make my mortgage payment directly from that account. I never see the money, so I don't miss it, and there's no way for me to run out of money for my house payment. It makes things so much easier, especially for a habitual overspender like me.

"I've decided to start doing the same for all my bills - figure up how much I pay per month for all my bills, add in some savings, then take half of that amount out of every check so that my entire net salary is 'my' money. Hardly a new and exciting idea, but as somebody who has gotten into trouble in the past by spending money irresponsibly, this has been a great way to keep me from overspending (or at the very least keep me from defaulting on my bills by overspending)."

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