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80 Best Couple Halloween Costumes to Prove That You're the Most Creative Duo

It goes without saying, but you and your partner are the coolest/funniest/most photogenic pair. When Halloween hits, however, you always struggle to come up with a clever Halloween costume that feels just right. Rather than settling for another boring, predictable look (Mickey and Minnie, for example), switch things up with one of these creative — dare we say, genius — couple Halloween costumes.

Before you make any final decisions, grab your other half and brainstorm your 2020 Halloween vibe: punny, trendy, funny, classic, cute, the list goes on. No matter if you choose to DIY your costume from items in your closet or go the store-bought route, these Insta-worthy ideas will be a hit at any (and all) of your Halloween parties. There are even a few easy ideas for couples who waited until the last minute to settle on their Halloween look — we're not pointing fingers, just stating the inevitable. And really, you can't go wrong with any of these party-worthy ideas: If you wear any of these couples costumes, you and your S.O. will be the proud winners of the "Best Costume" award — there's no doubt about it.