60 Years Later, These Are Still the Shoes Every Fashion Editor Wants

Elinor Block

Despite the fact that the iconic two-tone Chanel pumps were designed 60 years ago, they're still one of the most coveted pairs of shoes. Every season, a new iteration comes out and immediately they sell out. But what, we hear you cry, makes them so perennially popular? Designed in 1957 by Coco Chanel, the two-tone shoes, which initially were a slingback, were meant to mimic men's shoes at the time. It was also considered to be a universally flattering style. Thanks to the contrasting-coloured toe, the shoes both made the foot look smaller and the leg longer. Clever, eh?

Women in 1957 wearing the two-tone Chanel pumps
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Style Notes: Actress Claudine Auger at Chanel's HQ in Paris in 1960 wearing the two-tone pumps.
Style Notes: Jump ahead 15 years to 1975, and you can see that the design has barely changed. A model wears a coat, dress and the signature pumps from the Chanel S/S 75 collection.
Style Notes: Skip to the early '90s, and once again the Chanel pumps take centre stage on Linda Evangelista walking for the house in 1992.
Style Notes: Proof that the classic slingbacks are still in fashion. The modern way to wear them is with cropped jeans, of course.
Style Notes: No surprise that Gilda Ambrosio of Attico (aka the brand everyone wants to wear right now) owns a pair of these shoes.
Style Notes: Another recent version is a mule with a delicate pearl on the heel. Yes, we still very much want to own a pair of these.
Style Notes: The slingback pumps still look just as good in a white-and-black colour combo.
Style Notes: To embrace the total Chanel look, pair with a tweed skirt suit. 
Style Notes: Our favourite way to style Chanel pumps is with a white T-shirt and jeans.
This season's Chanel pump. Get your hands on them before they go.
These are beautiful. 
These are the classics. 
In the colour of the season (green) with a mini pearl on the heel.
These would look amazing with a little black dress. Next up, see our guide to the key trends for spring/summer 2019.