6 Winter Makeup Trends That Will Totally Shake Up Your Beauty Routine

6 Winter Makeup Trends That Will Totally Shake Up Your Beauty Routine
  • Makeup experts have already started predicting the biggest winter beauty trends.

  • Get ready to see lots of glitter, colorful eyeliner, rosy blush, and more.

  • Learn how to recreate these winter makeup looks at home with these products.

When the temperature starts to drop, you can guarantee two things will happen: our lipstick shades get darker and our skin-care formulas will get richer to accommodate for the drier climate. Aside from that, it's always a gamble as to what beauty trends will come out on top. Much of the season is dominated by the holidays - it influences our nail art, our hair accessories, and our makeup choices – but after the holidays are all said and done, a select few trends stick around to carry us through the duration of the season.

Whenever we want to get the scoop on the season's upcoming trends, we turn to the pros, which is exactly what we did to find out what lies ahead in the makeup world for the winter of 2022. "My predictions for makeup trends this winter are again very '90s and Y2K inspired, as we have seen the last few seasons this year," celebrity makeup artist Melissa Hurkman told POPSUGAR. "This season, we are taking it to a whole new level and we're pulling out all the stops."

You can expect lots of glitter, graphic eyeliner, and rosy blush to make an appearance, but that's only the beginning. Keep scrolling to read about the top winter makeup trends of the year.

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