6 Tips For Grocery Shopping in College When You Only Have a Mini Fridge

Hannah Resnick

For many of us, eating at college means supplementing mediocre dining-hall meals with whatever your bite-size fridge/freezer combo can hold. Grocery shopping for yourself for the first time poses a lot of questions: How much do I eat in a week? What foods will I actually eat, and which just sound good at the store? How much can I fit in my mini fridge? That last one is especially true if you live in a dorm room with very limited space.

It's a struggle to learn how to utilize your space in a way that's nutritious and delicious, so I talked to Laureen Sciallis, CDN, to come up with some helpful tips to help you figure out what to buy and how to store it. Keep reading for her advice to make the most out of your mini fridge.


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