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6 summer fruit desserts to whip up this weekend

There are many things we love about summer: waking up to the sunshine streaming in through our window, being able to enjoy meals in our gardens well into the night and all the gorgeous seasonal produce that nature gives us during this period.

One such seasonal produce is berries. Summer berries —from juicy raspberry to flavoursome blackberries that burst on your tongue — are not only beautiful to look at, they are also perfect for cooking with.

They add flavour and colour to desserts or a hint of sweetness to meat dishes (ever tried duck with blackberry sauce?) or can just be popped straight into your mouth for a little hit of flavour on their own.

This summer though, we're all about the baking (you need to have been living under a rock to have missed the nation's collective obsession with it) and so have come up with five delicious recipes for sweet treats and desserts that make the most of all the goodness these little berries have to offer.

From a strawberry loaf you can slather in butter and have for breakfast to an indulgent, decadent, raspberry celebration cake with champagne mixed into the batter, these are the best summer fruit desserts...

6 summer fruit desserts to whip up this weekend

Sweet and succulent British berries are in season, so harvest your favourites to make these delicious desserts

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