The 6-Move, Muscle-Building Resistance Band Workout Designed for Easy Muscle Gain At Home

David Morton

From Esquire

A resistance band is good for more than just mobility – it’s among the most versatile pieces of kit at your disposal for your home workout needs. Set a stopwatch running and perform these contrasting supersets of your staple bodyweight moves, designed to activate both your fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibres for extra growth and elevated endurance.

Perform 5 rounds of each superset with 90 seconds rest between each round. Give yourself 2 minutes to recover between each pair of movements.

“With contrast supersets, the first exercise should be slow and controlled, while the second should be high in reps and explosive,” says Men’s Health fitness editor Andrew Tracey. It’s time to stretch yourself.


1A) Resisted Press-Up 5 rounds, 30sec max reps

Make regular press-ups more challenging by crossing a band across your back and looping your thumbs through each end. Assume the press-up position (A). Lower yourself (B), then press up, hard – the extra resistance will activate more muscles in your upper body. Stick with it for 30 seconds.

1B) Assisted Press-Up 5 rounds, 1min max reps

Go straight into your assisted press-ups without rest. With your resistance band tight around your forearms, set up at the top of a press-up (A). Lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor (B). Using the spring of the band, you’ll find it much easier to press back up. When the minute is up, rest for 90 seconds, before beginning round two.


2A) Pull-Up 5 Rounds, 30sec Max Reps

No band for this one. With your arms straight below the bar (A), lift your head above it by squeezing your back and biceps (B). If one rep is a struggle, perform jumping pull-ups, in which you jump up to the bar, then slowly lower your body under control.

2B) Assisted Pull-Up 5 rounds, 1min max reps

As with the press-ups, a band makes pull-ups easier, so use this move to perfect your form. Wrap a band around the bar, looping the other end around your feet (A). The band will help you to raise your chest to the bar (B). Lower under control. Again, 60 seconds’ work, then rest for 90 seconds before round two.


3A) Resisted Squat Jump 5 Rounds, 30sec Max Reps

Keeping your legs under tension builds power faster. With the band around a fixed object behind you, wrap the other end around your hips and step away. Lean slightly forward as you squat (A), then explode up, jumping as high as you can (B). Cushion your landing with bent legs. Push it for 30 seconds.

3B) Air Squat 5 Rounds, 1min Max Reps

Step out of the band and switch to bodyweight squats. Stand with your torso upright (A), then drop your hips back to sink into a deep squat (B). Hold for a second, before pressing through your heels to stand up. Go hard until the minute is up – 90 seconds of rest await you, so hold nothing back.

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