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Invest in Some Instant Granite

Most rental kitchens have laminate countertops. They're ugly, synthetic, and remarkably prone to scratches and stains. Do yourself a favor, and invest in some instant granite. It'll have your kitchen looking new in an hour. And if someone as uncoordinated as me can install these bad boys, something tells me it's an attainable dream.

6 Instant Upgrades to Make to Your Rental Kitchen

It's the sad truth of urban dwelling - rental apartments are more often than not crummy, old, and bland. But fortunately for you, there are some simple adjustments to upgrade that kitchen. When it comes to simple, easy fixes that won't negate a security deposit, we've got you covered. From a stick-on backsplash to the addition of a dark rug, we'll have you luxuriating in that kitchen in no time. Because while a living room can be easily fixed with a few throw pillows or a vintage French poster - the kitchen? For that, you've got to call in the experts.


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