6 Great Reasons Not to Miss the March Issue of Men's Health

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6 Reasons to Buy the March Issue of Men's HealthHearst Owned

The March issue of Men's Health is on sale now, and it's packed full of expert advice, inspiring stories and insider training tips. From Paul Rudd's routine for life-long fitness to the pioneering jiu-jitsu charity helping men grapple with their mental health, plus 16 expert-approved fitness tools to transform your home gym, our new issue has everything you need for a stronger, healthier month.

Here's a look inside.

this is 53 paul rudd for men's health
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This Is 53: How Paul Rudd Does It

What is it about Paul Rudd? He’s resolutely middle-aged, albeit going on 17. And he’s clearly hilarious. But he’s at his best when playing grumps, losers and frauds – and his long-standing Marvel character is all three. Ahead of the release of his latest instalment, Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, we think we’ve found the answer: the most important gift Hollywood’s Peter Pan has given to the world isn’t necessarily his humour.

brothers in arms reorg jiu jitsu charity for men's health uk
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Brothers In Arms

Through the ‘gentle art’ of jiu-jitsu, Reorg charity has helped hundreds of veterans, military personnel and emergency services workers find purpose, brotherhood and unparalleled fitness, both physical and mental. As MH discovered, the lessons learned on the mat can be life-changing – or even life – saving.

men's health uk home gym awards 2023
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2023's Best Home Gym Kit

Building your dream training space is easier than you think – and it needn’t mean sacrificing your living room to a squat rack, either. Our stripped back kit list and step-by-step plan have got you covered.

talking heads alastair campbell meets footballer gary neville for men's health uk
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Talking Heads: Gary Neville

During his time as one of the most decorated and divisive defenders in the game, Gary Neville was known as the dressing room shop steward. Now, as a respected pundit and successful businessman, his commitment to social causes has only heightened. The drive and the passion are still present, and where there was hate for him there is now respect. But self-belief hasn’t always been a given.

the men's health uk lazy diet plan
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The Laziest Diet You'll Ever Try

Too many diets set unachievably high standards, then blame you for failing to meet them. Not only are most of those instructions nonsense, but they stress you out. That’s why we created a simple, far more realistic guide to help you eat better without all the absurdity. The Lazy Diet is a surprisingly easy and totally satisfying way to eat. Get stuck in.

the disability activists redefining ability men's health uk wheelchair athlete
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Redefining 'Ability'

Roughly one in five of us live with some form of what’s usually called ‘a disability’. But difference is not weakness – in fitness, work or life. MH spoke to five men about how the things that once held them back have ultimately unleashed their potential.

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